Foremost narwhal expert also practicing dentist


If I had a Narwhal I’d name him Andy…Andy Narwhal.

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This is the most interesting thing I’ve seen on BB in weeks (admittedly, my interests tend towards natural history and biology more than steampunk, LEGO, etc.)! All the strange, unique properties of the narwhal bring to mind the platypus, which also has many traits that are just plain bizarre and shared with few if any other mammals or even animals in general, like electroreception, venomous spurs, and having ten sex chromosomes. It’s always exciting to see an animal that deviates so much from the standards that we take for granted.

Every single time I read the title here I miss the word ‘expert’, and get a little disappointed when I re-read it correctly.

A narwhal dentist? Now that’d be something.


I would be curious to learn how one judges the “foremost narwhal”.

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Given the sensory capabilities (sorry, paywalled) of the narwhal tusk, I’d hope that the narwhal dentist practices with a good narwhal anesthesiologist…

Is “Nweeia” his real name or is it his whale name given to him when he was adopted by his pod?

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