Forevernote puts your life stories in print forever and it may be the greatest family gift you can give

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I’d rather settle those scores myself. No guest biographer needed.


…and it may be the greatest family gift you can give

Well, that and the password to the secret Russian bank account set up for you before you ran for office.


Most of the family will just wait for the movie.


I used crayons and a lot of sticky notes, seems to be a crowd pleaser when we’re all shitfaced.


Can they whitewash the skeletons in our closets?


I had a small problem with the blurb/flickr mode
lots of photos never came out as confirmed kooky crumbles
all over the place

What, no AI-powered magic website which does everything automatically?


My dad wrote a book and self published that was about some of his hunting and shooting exploits. It was a good read even if you aren’t into those sorts of hobbies.


was your dad dick cheney?

Another crappy gig economy job is at the bottom of this one. That’ll teach’em for getting a Humanities degree.


Not that I know of. Unlike Cheney, he didn’t defer the draft and was part of the ROTC before joining the Navy.


Data mining media companies are getting more brazen.

"Well, we’ve learned that this segment buys super strength tampons, voted for a socialist in a local schoolboard election while taking approximately 10,000 steps per day? That’s gotta help us sell something, right? Eh fuck it, let’s just get them to dictate their family’s history to us over the phone. "


Wow, those poor sods who have to listen to inane “biographies” and ask questions and try to turn that into something someone would read short of threats of violence against their kids.

Far too many people think they have fascinating lives or “lifetime experience” others will revel in reading.

Amazon is full of self-published tripe of this sort with the added flavor of many of them thinking it will become an instant best seller and getting outraged when they don’t get a royalty check delivered by armored car two weeks on or an invitation to guest on Oprah.

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Jeez, I thought this kinda sounded like a neat thing to get for an older member of the family so old stories don’t get lost and forgotten, but after reading all the snark in the comments, now I feel sad about it…

I’ve pieced together a book or two in the past. Fun puzzle!

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