Forget tidying: losing your precious possessions is the real "life-changing magic"

You’ve got a plan for this though, right?

(I mean, right? C’mon @shaddack, you’re usually a giver. RFIDs?)

This is quite a challenging problematics. RFID/NFC tags are an option for the most important objects. Power supply is needed, a coin cell battery may be enough, energy harvesting would be ideal. The device can wait for interrogation signal, then emit back its signature as a radio pulse that can be triangulated. Another, perhaps better, possibility is emitting an ultrasound beep and letting the sensors in the room locating it.

Yet another option is a pair of memory glasses. Eyeglasses with a camera, and robust object recognition (this will be the difficult part).

Passive NFC tags with a handheld reader with sufficiently long range, and going the minesweeper way, may be also an option.

There are possible privacy issues - you don’t want your stuff to broadcast their IDs as you walk down the street, so responding only to interrogation signal with authorization code may be called for.

But it is all quite a nontrivial issue…

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Cory made up a fun system for this in Makers. It’s been a long time since I read it, but I believe it involved RFID stickers and gps, and maybe some leds to light up the drawers that stuff was in? Fuck, now I have to go back and read that book. Which is ok, it was quite entertaining. This is the second or third time I’ve brought it up in the last month or so.


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