What the Japanese think of Marie Kondo

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Several people in my peer group started talking about Kondo during the last two years and it is the most annoying fad I ever encountered. Seriously. I don’t want to get rid of stuff, I want a bigger place and a person who helps me catalogue and clean my stuff.

ETA: none of those peeps are USians, or Japanese. All are, sadly, girls.


Marie who?

Keep what you like and have a place for it? She must be some kind of modern day genius!

Hmm, this vacuum sweeper doesn’t exactly make my heart flutter… into the trash with ya!


Not heard of her. I am actually actively downsizing. I collect too much.

“Spark Joy”


That is actually pretty awesome. Just needs a good display case.


From google images. But all I would own if sparking joy was my sorting method. :smile:

I try to keep no more or less than 3 lighters at a time.


I did get rid on like 90% of my books awhile ago.
Sold off the comics I didn’t donate. My keeper shelf is mostly Doc Savage reprints and few autographed or pretty picture books that make me happy.
Of course now I have an ever growing to read digital pile of epubs but at least those don’t take up physical space.


I have 2+ books shelves worth of books to deal with soon (it used to be 8ish). Also 5 of the extra large plastic storage bins full of CDs, tapes and records going back to the late 70’s/early 80’s. Ugh!


Hm, I guess that that is a “disposable” lighter collection.


My wife and I are (and my father was a) big reader(s).
He has died and the wifey and I are digital anymore.
I’ve still got them all… I’ve moved them all, it’s a lot.
What I’m getting at is that I envy your getting rid of your physical copies.
I expect to leave ours (and everything else) behind, some day (as is the way of all things).

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i think they are all pretty correct, i mean, their smaller houses and that they learn from a very young age to tidy up just to keep life easier in their smaller spaces… it just helps. i also find it interesting that: (1), there seems to be a general impression that americans are all slobs, and (2) all japanese people seem to have an innate fashion sense, and they apparently all look fantastic in black.

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I’ve watched a few videos of people sharing their disposable lighter collections. I don’t know a lot about it but seems some marketing folks figured out limited edition anything sparks (heheheh) a collection frenzy.

When I finished college I had 10+ book shelves worth of books. Moving them was painful. I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to pair down the collection. And I have never gotten rid of any of my physical music media to speak of.

I am planning to move internationally in a few years so that forces me to make harder choices than I would otherwise.


The vast amount of them were in boxes and stuff that if I really wanted to read again I would have or if I hadn’t read it yet well probably not now some 10+years later. They went to the Friends Of The Library so they could get read by someone who wants to read it as that is what books are for and it helps the library.

I dunno if I am a big reader. I will binge on a series and then avoid reading for awhile. Also it does not help that I spend my day staring at text on the screen which does not help with wanting to stare at more text be it dead tree or digital when I get home.


This whole “spark joy” thing is not new; other people have said the same thing. I like William Morris’ version;
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”


In Cartoonland, there are e-readers bulging at the seams.

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