Former NSA boss defends breaking computer security (in the name of national security)


Protest zones, airport nude scans, domestic surveillance, and this… all done in the name of protecting my rights. fucking knock it off guys. UR DOIN IT WRONG.


God almighty this kind of stuff makes me hope the anti-aging revolution doesn’t come in my lifetime.

Trying to explain to the kids, a few hundred years from now, why anyone thought this was acceptable is going to be almost as embarrassing as trying to dissociate oneself from the few baby-boomers who somehow made it through the ringer.

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You won’t have to explain it. By then, everyone’s thoughts will be public knowledge and cataloged on the net or in whatever technology is developed. Oppositional thoughts will not be tolerated and must be reported at once.


Sounds like somebody is asking for a date with Room 101…


Cram it up your ass, Keith.
You and your like-minded buddies have done more by your actions to harm this country, it’s freedoms and it’s security than any terrorist ever could’ve dreamed of.

The fact that no one in power has the sense to reign you in - or better yet, toss you in jail - only shows how far and fast we’ve fallen chasing a “security” that was never at risk except by power-hungry bureaucratic vultures like yourself.


I do not wish to share a room with Panetta.

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It all fits in the broad category of “destroying the village in order to save it”.

I don’t feel safer…or saved.


Appropriate that they named the program after a Civil War battle… that the Union lost.

Didn’t you just nix that concept?

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