Schneier: when the NSA comes to your company's door, fight!


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Do you have employees with security clearances who can’t tell you what they’re doing? Cut off all automatic lines of communication with them…

I like the idea of making a security clearance a liability in the civilian world.


“But now it’s happening in peacetime.”

Except it isn’t really peacetime is it?

Not that I think we should be involved in most of these fights, much less, battling concepts like terror.


Beat me to it. We are in a state of perpetual and covert war. First step in establishing authoritarian rule. This is the crux of the problem. It’s taken fifty years to begin to erode the War on Drugs, let alone hope to ever end it. How long will it take before we can be free from the War on Terror?


I have a strong suspicion that most of those will end at the same time, after you reach the breaking point and it all falls apart.

The internet has been militarized and this CAN NOT be tolerated. The NSA is under the Department of Defense. Is this country under military control because it feels that way.

As an invention and a tool the internet has been ruined. It’s innate insecurities have been exploited by the one body that was suppose to protect it. We have been betrayed in the deepest and most meaningful way. The NSA has committed treason, they have betrayed every American and they are waging a war against every American. I would bet that they have committed actual treason against the government itself. We don’t know what they have hanging over elected officials. Elected officials’ communication have been breach as well.

The NSA has no where to go and has no future.


“during peacetime” it’s not peacetime, we are at war with the middle east, we have always been at war with eurasia, i mean the middle east.


Don’t “fight.” Defy.

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I agree, cut their feed.

The first step is calling it what it is. Good to see Schneier doing that.

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Schneier is a very level headed guy. If he is calling the alarm we have a problem.

He did a talk on Berkman Radio a few weeks ago.

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I like the photo. Notice that in a street fight the guy getting choked would still be able to eye gouge with the left hand and the right hand would be a lot easier to get free without the gloves. it would really spoil the concentration of the guy getting choked to get eye gouged Also in a street fight the victim could reach back and grab the ear, sinking all their fingernails into the back of the ear and then trying to yank it off.

nicely done. the smallcaps emphasizes the newspeak.

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Bruce is gonna pay for the legal costs?

If you post here and you haven’t called your representative, you’re wasting your time. If we truly want the NSA to stop violating our basic human rights we will have to organize and coordinate our efforts.


I settle for contributing money to the EFF. Not sure what else to do.

From the Foot In Mouth Friday desk.
Dan Gilmor points to a report that Obama has put James Clapper in charge of the review committee to provide oversight of what the NSA is up to. The same James Clapper who is the head of national intelligence who lied to Congress.

Please send more popcorn, I’m running out.

Potassium Nitrate is still easy to get in the US.

Hi, NSA, and FBI!

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Not sure what else to do.

Here’s an idea:

You didn’t perhaps mean ammonium?