Former NSA contractor Reality Winner sentenced to 5+ years in prison for leaking secret report on Russian election hacking to The Intercept

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We need to get Trump out of office asap, elect a Democratic reformer, and have her pardoned and or sentence commuted. Let’s start this November by sweeping out the garbage in the House. Vote D!


Because that’s just what a Democratic president would do.


Obama, for all his faults in the area of government transparency, did that for Manning.


exceptionally grave harm to national security already caused by the defendant.



I know who belongs in prison instead …


see comment below.

Can we use Reality Winner as a witness against Trump?
(Even if she has nothing on him, the threat should be sufficient to rattle his cage.)

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Reality Winner? I feel there is a joke hidden here …

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I just want to know why the NSA decided that the news that Russia was actively hacking our elections should be a secret from the American people. It seems to me that withholding that news from the people during a run-up to a presidential election is an act which provides aid to our enemies and helps them to undermine our democracy. If we could get the name of the military person, bureaucrat, or politician who made this determination, that would be more helpful than the name of the person who exposed this treason.


Unfortunately, this “leakers” conviction make D. Trump and B.Obama homies. Obama also pursued leakers and meted out jail sentences.


He also commuted sentences for leakers. He gave Chelsea Manning more than three decades of her life back. Not nearly as good as he could have been on transparency but also not Trump.


This is why one shouldn’t trust Tucker Carlson’s best bud and frequent Trump/Russia/Putin defender Glenn Greenwald any further than you can throw him.


Glenn Greenwald. God, I’d almost managed to forget about him.


This makes the 26-year-old the only person doing time for anything related to Russia’s attacks on American elections. And she’s the person who tried to warn us.

As is tradition.

Did someone hear a whistle blowing? Thanks, Obama!


The military is very unforgiving about even asking about certain topics, such as a former missile launch technician who even dared ask about the chain of command in something very important as nuclear war. You can bet she didn’t think that anyone would listen and considered this important enough to warrant breach of command. I think we are living in Crazyland when those in supposed “control” are making short term political decisions rather than reasonable decisions which benefit more than just someone’s personal ambitions.


Those idiots at the Intercept with their mad Op Sec skillz scanned the paper Winner sent them and posted it online without any redactions.

If it weren’t for Laura Poitras, Snowden would probably be dead by now.

I’m pretty sure Greenwald will feel sooper sorry for Winner while he relaxes in his Rio villa

Greenwald’s home is located on a dead-end cobblestone street, under a thick canopy of trees, a few miles inland from Ipanema Beach. The grounds are large enough to comfortably accommodate Greenwald; his husband, David Miranda; their two recently adopted children; household staff; 24 formerly stray dogs

I’m wondering if Glenn was working for Putin when this “mistake” happened.


No good deed goes unpunished.


I doubt Glenn gets paid in money. He probably prefers flattery.


The telecommunications network experts and intelligence analysts at the NSA who found Russian hacking would not have the authority to declassify their discovery. That decision would go to someone who would weigh the benefit of informing the American people of the political interference against the harm of Russia learning that the NSA could spy on their hacking and taking countermeasures. The lowest level person with that authority would have been the Director of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers, but the director usually declassifies only for military emergencies. The decision would have gone up to an office such as the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper or Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson or President Barack Obama. The NPR article “Fact Check: Why Didn’t Obama Stop Russia’s Election Interference In 2016?” ( speculates why they kept quiet.