Reality Leigh Winner, 25, arrested and charged with leaking top-secret NSA docs on Russia hacks to The Intercept


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This is basically the people running the simulation just fucking with us.


In other news, Fantasy Loser is still president.


Oh my god it’s true, Reality does have a well-known liberal bias.


US GOV: Arrest first, build case later.


Ratings are way down. He may be voted off the island by the end of the first season.


If I wasn’t already taken, I’d ask her to have my baby.



Let’s see: The Russians vomit out tainted leaks as part of their disinformation campaign to fuck us over; Trump is all ‘gee, I don’t know’.

This gal leaks the truth. I wonder what Trump’s next step is?


One imagines they’re a bit trigger happy in the intel community after Snowden shined a little sunlight into their illegal programs.

Hope she’s okay and retained a good lawyer before talking to anyone. Even if she did nothing, prosecutors will merrily throw her under the bus to cover up their own incompetence.


Roger That!


People have a right to know. They fact the NSA was sitting on this information is the crime.


Is there anyone left who hasn’t “expressed frequent dissatisfaction” about Drumpf’s administration?

Also, by placing Reality under arrest (and, really, what better metaphor is there for this administration!?), well … that does tend to verify the validity and authenticity of the Intercept’s story …


Assuming the sequence of events is true–that an Intercept source went to the government when asked to confirm the documents’ authenticity–I suspect no one else will be leaking anything to the Intercept any time soon.


So, do we start making the statue now?


I’m willing to bet good money there’s a writer’s strike going on up there.


An admission by the defendant is pretty good grounds for arrest IMO. Per the DOJ’s affidavit:

15 On June 3, 2017, your affiant spoke to WINNER at her home in Augusta, Georgia.
During that conversation, WINNER admitted intentionally identifying and printing the classified
intelligence reporting at issue despite not having a “need to know,” and with knowledge that the
intelligence reporting was classified. WINNER further admitted removing the classified
intelligence reporting from her office space, retaining it, and mailing it from Augusta, Georgia, to
the News Outlet, which she knew was not authorized to receive or possess the documents.

She didn’t seem to have strong operational security, either, going by the claim in paragraph 14 that Winner emailed the news organization from her work computer.

I tend to agree Susan Hennessy in this particular case, that a contractor stealing a top secret document out of a SCIF and then mailing it to the press is close to a no-brainer for prosecutors.

I get the worry, but I really don't agree with this at all. Classified doc stolen & mailed to press? That's an easy call, not a hard one.

— Susan Hennessey (@Susan_Hennessey) June 5, 2017

And before anyone says that this is a story that needed to be heard, this is a story that has already being reported on by the likes of ABC, Wired, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. That last one is even dated today, and does not reference the leak.


Or she was simply of the opinion that she should do the moral, if not legal, action and then pay the consequences.


One imagines they’re a bit trigger happy

Could depend on how newsworthy the leak is, and how successful it was.

I knew a guy (really his ex) who in early 2016 tried to take a thumb drive of materials out of a CIA facility where he was contracted for security stuff. AFAIK, he just lost his clearance instead of doing jail time. But he’ll never work in government again, which puts a major damper on his lifetime earning potential.


Yeah, why maintain her access so she can continue leaking information she considers of serious import when she can get herself arrested?