Former Obama trade official teams up with Trump to create highly profitable TB epidemics in poor countries

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Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.


Shirky principle in action?

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but now he’d be advocating for giant, rapacious corporations that hold peoples’ lives hostage to their profits!


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Classic emoprog metonymy: expand a dude who was appointed under a Democratic administration to all Democrats, in order to spin some self-congratulatory ‘both sides’ false-equivalency, lord knows that’s been working so well lately…


I was just going to say; this dude used to work for Obama, then quit so he could become an even bigger fleecing asshole. That has nothing to do with Obama himself.

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I dunno, if anything, I think it’s fair to start reinforcing the narrative against “establishment Dems” (AKA center-right Republicans) and pointing out how they’re just as much the enemy in the next election as the current GOP host of fascist assholes.

If we don’t get enough progressives into office, the establishment Dems are gonna just make a lot of noise, flail around, fix nothing, and then piss off the base again (just like Hillary did, by being too overtly aligned with business and finance) and get the Republicans elected in '20 in another anti-establishment wave just like in '16.

Pelosi and Schumer have to be scared to cross the base after the probable blue wave very soon now, and doing everything possible to make being a DINO (Democrat In Name Only) too toxic to countenance is a great start.


Yeah, this. After my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009, and I was thrust into the grinder that is the American healthcare system just to keep my child alive, I developed a substantial amount of distrust for any company claiming to be the good guys in these situations.

No business will work to make itself obsolete; that’s not how business is designed to work. Especially if there are shareholders with bottom-lines that have to be protected.

“We didn’t create the problem, but we will absolutely capitalize on it.”

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This dude isn’t an elected Democrat, and had previously only worked as a Foreign Policy aide, specifically on sanctions.

There really isn’t any way to predict that he would be a let-down in the area of pharmaceutical IP, if he had been a Democrat seeking the approval of other Democrats, then Democrats could signal their approval or otherwise with their votes and we might have something meaningful to say about the behavior of Democrats. Instead we have this bad-faith argumentation that’s excused, because activism, and we wonder why it’s harder and harder to scrape together the necessary votes to control even half of Congress (that is, when we aren’t blaming the caucus itself for failing to motivate voters being spammed FUD of our own selfish Overton hyperbole.)


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