John Oliver on how right-wing disinformation is making the pandemic worse

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I keep thinking “these people are ripe for winning a Darwin Award by shunning anti-COVID protective measures”, except that’s probably not how it will work in the real world.


Maybe a “Darwin by Proxy” award.

Not liking who the “proxy” could be.


Conservatism has always been about making things worse. Make America great like back in the good old days that I mis-remember. It isn’t just tax that they want regressive.

(edit: corrected my lack of proofreading and use the wrong word)


Autocomplete thinks you’re talking about the environmental movement.


How are you supposed to have trade between a country who has stopped covid and one where it is still going on? You can re-open the economy (and watch it crash due to deaths) but if no one wants to trade with you the economy will not start again.



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The video appears to have been taken down - the latest video I see on Last Week Tonight’s feed is from March 30.

I watched it 1/2 hour ago using Opera’s VPN function.

Well, the good old days were pretty good if you happened to be a white guy who happened to be at the top of society. Well… pretty much like today.

The problem is that most conservatives fancy that they’d be one of those guys rather than one of the downtrodden masses that those guys stepped all over to get and stay at the top.

What’s the phrase now? Most conservatives see themselves as temporarily inconvenienced millionaires…


I just watched this using Pale Moon. I am going to have to take another look at Opera tho.

Peripherally related, could we please try to phase out the “so-and-so is worth $300brazillion” thing? Because they’re not. They may have $300brazillion but that is simply not a decent (in any sense) measure of a person’s worth.
Copeland, for example, is most decidedly not worth a lot.


I’m using Tor browser as all HBO stuff is geoblocked in Australia.

btw I think John Oliver is one of the few presenters who actually comes off better without an audience. Personally I find I’m able to follow his narrative a lot better without the excitment of the live audience. Find him just as funny comedically but also get more out of the message.

That verbal confusion has been around a very long time.
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury:

“And first, when thou seest me here in this stead,
With my crowne of golde so fair on my head,
Among all my liege-men so noble of birthe,
Tell me to one penny what I am worthe.”
[Derry down, down, down, derry down.]

“For thirty pence our Saviour was sold
Among the false Jews, as I have bin told,
And twenty-nine is the worth of thee,
For I thinke thou art one penny worser than he.”
[Derry down, down, down, derry down.]

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Oh I understand it has been around a long time; that’s why it has managed to seep so deep in the general psyche and pollute our approach to pretty much everything.

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What wonderful optimism they possess. No wonder “the libs” are so jealous. :smiley:

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