Here's John Oliver's latest update on coronavirus

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Hammy for POTUS!


Maybe perhaps a transcript of the video could be added to posts like this? You know, for those of us not in the usa. Or I guess I could check out one of the VPN’s the boingboing store sells.


In troubled times like these, all is forgiven to those who visit the Bay of Pirates.


A nice person pointed me to Opera browser. Has VPN embedded for the geo-locked souls like us.


I had to stop with about 5 minutes left because the picture is so fucking bleak out there.

There is enough blame to go around, but Dolt 45 - instead of actually showing leadership and shouldering his share - thinks only of finding ways to deflect. John Oliver is doing a very fine job of explaining.


He isn’t being funny. I notice that a lot of late night comedians aren’t being funny now that they’re home. Why aren’t they being funny like they’re supposed to be?

/Tucker Carlson

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I think the best takeaway is when he said, “It’s critically important for America to get a clear and consistent message. That is the only way to contain this virus.”

New Zealand is doing just that. We’re in a four week lockdown where nearly everyone is taking seriously. And no one is talking about sacrificing Grandma to save the economy.

The best way to sum up the unity we feel here is that after any public statement by an official, that person ends their statement by saying, “and remember, be kind to each other.”


A multi-browser plugin; toggle when needed. I use it for BBC iplayer.


The juxtaposition of a vigourous hand-washing hamster with drug-eyed Trump’s all’s-okay b.s. is both hilarious… and frightening.


I’ve definitely noticed that the live studio audiences aren’t laughing as much at their jokes now that the shows have no studios and no live audiences.


Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?


In order to get through this, people and corporations and agencies have to work together. There have to be helping hands given to those in danger or need and the rich have to give up a tiny bit and people have to be put before corporations in making policy. But that’s socialism. That’s why there’s so many idiots who have screwed up the government response. There are too many knuckle dragging brain dead rigid didactic unimaginative uncaring inhumane inhuman right-wing ideologues who yes would rather see millions die than admit that the holy market is, as Oliver said, about to become a death cult. Yes, there are lots of 1%rs who wouldn’t care if half of New York dies if that’s what it takes to protect their share value. And yes, there are lots of poor white trash who are willing to take a chance on Uncle Mildred and Cousin Cletus and Little Bettie June dying of disease as long as they know that brown skinned people are dying faster.


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