Forthcoming game evokes style of legendary artist Moebius


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What artist/place would inspire a great videogame aesthetic?



I don’t even play computer games and I want this


Wow - that looks amazing. I love cell shaded type games, there needs to be more.


I just got the biggest geek boner looking at that.


I just finished reading The World of Edena and if I can’t drive a Citroen on that desert planet… I’ll probably still buy it.


I agree. I’m not at all a big gamer but I find the sudo-realistic 3d cgi to be bothersome eyecandy. This, on the other hand, is way more immersive for me. But I’ve always preferred my fantasy to be ‘hand-drawn’ animation.


Really neat looking project !
That remind me Arzark Rhapsody, a 2002 adaptation of Arzark for tv. The animation was… not that great.


In the meantime there’s always the Panzer Dragoon series. Panzer Dragoon Saga especially.


I agree with Radio Silence - I want this. Also reminds me of segments of the original “Heavy Metal” feature


That reminds me - this weekend I really must tidy out the hermetic garage.


I bought Ni No Kuni because it looks like a Studio Ghibli animation even though I will probably not have the time to finish it before retirement, and I will buy this for the same reason.


Talk to Major Gruber first, Jerry.


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