Impressive trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game


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Very Rambo-esk if you [e]sk me.


I prefer the man-having-a-Zelda-inspired-psychotic-break trailer.


I can’t wait to play World of Zeldacraft.


Graphics don’t look overly impressive, tho nice, but the gameplay looks pretty fun. Mostly it reminds me how little I know of the genre, these days, tho…


I’m sure it’ll be a fun game, but you call that trailer “impressive”? The graphics look like they’re from 10 years ago and the animations are pretty basic (consider, for example, the shot where the tree falls across the chasm; that’s lame).


I'm feeling very old right now.


I thought the graphics were more about creating a consistent visual style. I’d rather have a game world big enough to get lost in than a hand-holding linear experience with ends up being constrained by graphics.

Zelda should always be a cartoon in my mind.


The interesting thing about the game is that it reveals who the sort of person is who is playing the game. If a person prefers a Rambo-esque approach, is a Pyro, or likes to go fishing with bombs, this game gives you that opportunity to be that sort of character. The game is designed around multiple possible solutions to solve a problem. It’s up to the individual gamer to determine how to acomplish an objective.


My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t believe the graphics—they look just like anime! And I don’t even watch anime!

Games can now look almost exactly like traditionally animated cartoons. For decades, this has been a lodestar of video gaming. Jet Set Radio’s cel shading promised us that we were closer and now holy shit, we’re there. So, so exciting. I’m excited.


I’m dating myself slightly here, but I remember the manuals for the NES and Game Boy Zelda games. I may be misremembering, but the illustrations of Zelda (bear in mind that this was when Zelda was pretty much limited to an ambiguous sprite by the graphics of the day) were all anime style drawings. It was probably because it was Nintendo, a Japanese company. If you look at Wind Waker, this is not the same, but there is carryover in terms of the somewhat rotoscoped look- so there’s some artistic continuity happening.


Reminds me a lot of Shadow Of The Colossus, one of my faves.


Beat me by two minutes.


This looks pretty cool.

I wish Nintendo would go the Sega route and stop developing consoles. I feel like everyone would win.


It’s a console game, from Nintendo. Hyper-realism has NEVER been something Nintendo gives a shit about. I would take any GameBoy Zelda game over the newest Microsoft/Sony testosterone fest with obscenity screaming 12 year olds. I get that some people don’t get Nintendo. But when you complain about graphics re Nintendo, it shows you REALLY don’t get Nintendo. I thought I grew out of video games when Sony/Micro became prminent. Then I got a WiiU, and just realized I had been trying to play tge wrong games. Nintendo is about fun, everything else is secondary.


Why? Wii/WiiU were both by far the best consoles I have ever owned. WiiU is so underappreciated its a crime.


I’m a big Zelda fan, played most of them. There isn’t an established aesthetic for the games. Styles usually change drastically between games (modern ones at least).


I’ll take gameplay over graphics every freaking time. I still love to play Super Mario World on my Wii.


I’m not saying their consoles don’t have great games; they do. I’m more of a pc guy, but as far as consoles go, Nintendo always seems to be lagging behind Sony and Microsoft in terms of power and services.

I just feel that if they focused on developing games, they could release their games on multiple platforms, which would give more players the opportunity to play their games, thus increasing their sales.


I feel like there should just be two venues for real games. Nintendo console/handheld and PC. In my opinion, Xbox/Playstation fans praise those consoles the more PC-like they become (and at this point they are similar enough that they are basically just inferior PC’s anyways). I don’t understand why those gamers aren’t on a PC if they are impressed by ‘graphics’ and specs, cost difference is negligible, and favorable to PC considering how much cheaper PC versions of games are anyways. I suspect that they are ignorant about PC gaming, and sort of archetypical ‘consumer’ types, which to me, voids any opinions they may have. This way gamers that want realism are all super-stoked, and classical gamers don’t have to worry about Nintendo being pressured to adopt the things they don’t like about mainstream games. An example: I absolutely do not want to ever see voice chat in a Nintendo game. Nintendo is unrivaled when it comes to world building. And nothing shatters that carefully crafted immersion more than preteens shouting profanities and calling you homophobic slurs. I’ve been a PC gamer, and there is a lot to love about it. Likewise there is a lot to love about a proper console game. They are different mediums, and should remain so. That’s basically my schpiell, and why I want Nintendo to keep right on not giving a fuck about it’s vocal yet unsophisticated critics in the gaming press. Not saying they are beyond reproach, just that complaints about graphics/online features/console specs belie an inexperienced critic. And if you don’t understand or appreciate Nintendo and Nintendo’s history, you have no business writing ANY video game journalism.