3D Zelda game gets 2D makeover


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Cool. Though personally, I find Ocarina of Time, along with Mario 64, to be almost perfect graphics-wise. They worked within the limitations of the system to create a consistent, vibrant world. The comparison I often use for the PSX is FFVII, FFVIII, and FFVIX; they progress from clunky 3D models in FFVII, to believably life-like or cartoon-like characters in FFVIII and FFIX respectively. And even then, the characters in FFVIII don’t quite fit with the backdrops the way they do in FFIX. But Zelda and Mario started out at FFIX’s level on the N64 right from the start.

I don’t like the idea of removing OoT music from the game. It was sort of the point of the game…

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