This video explains how cel shading works by looking at Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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The only Zelda game I ever played. Also the only Zelda game I finished. That boat with the little salvage attachment was awesome.


I remember the general dislike of the art style when this came out, and I never understood it. What a great game.


Do … I misremember? I recall the game being pretty huge, and the “zelda more like celda” takes were just sort of background noise.

I found it easy to ignore anyway, since this is the only game to ever get me to do the preorder thing, at a Tacoma Toys “Ya” Us. Even started playing Ocarina of Time on the GameCube for a bit before abandoning it once this game came out, whereupon it dominated my off-work screen time for months afterwards.

Remains one of my all time fave games, and not just because of it’s glorious look.

I loved this game and have been jonesing to replay it for a while now, not quite enough to buy a GameCube/Wii or Wii U though. I’m still hoping Nintendo will port the Wii U remake to Switch sooner or later.

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what’s with the letterboxed video?

why are the Nintendo trailers so desaturated and overlaid with fake VHS effects?

It was well received, but there was a vocal minority of fanboys who thought they were owed a gritty version of Zelda like the tech demo that was shown off for the gamecube prior to launch. Nintendo didn’t do much to set expectations, and the internet being what it is, people were salty about it when they saw the cell shading.

WW remains probably my favorite Zelda game. Nothing touches it’s whimsical nature.

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I think it’s weird that it took only two examples (OoT, MM) on hand (and one demo), to establish “gritty realism” as the default expectation (assuming gritty realism even applies to the N64 offerings).

Before that, it was Link to the Past, which always struck me as pretty cartoony. Why wasn’t “cartoony” the default?

Mainly because they saw the tech demo and assumed that was what Nintendo was working on for the next game.

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