Teaser for Castlevania series on Netflix


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I have very deep issues with the live-action portion at the beginning of this trailer.

  • Insert the cartridge THEN PUSH DOWN before closing the lid.
  • How… I can’t… that’s not how that works…
  • The select option sound effect is… off.
  • There are much better kinds of sounds one could make that fits with the NES. Nor do I think that sound was capable on the NES hardware. If you’re doing a demake visually, match the audio.
  • Did Nintendo allow a blowing on the cartridge to be used in the trailer?
  • Nintendo frowns upon this as it doesn’t really fix the connections and actual harms with adding participation over time.


"The man who killed Dracula"



Recently I had the opportunity to play Castlevania on an NES emulator. Some of the rendering options actually made Castlevania look pretty good.


Don’t get the decision to have the castle & fields of skeletons as ‘realistic’ 3D CGI whilst the characters in traditional 2D cel shaded animation. But it is written by Warren Ellis so I’m willing to give minor aesthetic choices a pass…


because CGI is cheaper.


Speaking as an outsider to animation, the XIII video game managed decent enough cel-shading 14 years ago on home consoles of the time so is that still an issue for establishing/background shots which don’t need much animation?


the key issue with computer generated cell shading is that when it comes to faces they look nothing like hand drawn characters. This is because cg characters get shading from complex geometry while hand drawn characters are far more stylized.

As simple as it seems, getting cell shaded 3d renders to look like hand animated images is incredibly hard and to date has only really been done right by Arc Systems with their Guilty Gear Xrd game:

Japan has been trying to adopt 3d animation for quite a while but alas there’s just not nearly as much talent working in 3d animation as classical animators and you get shows like the new Berserk series that started as a 3d animated series being supplemented with classical animation.


I’m only interested in a boy and his blob reboot.
All others are chumps. :sleeping:


Looking at trailer again I’m pretty sure the skeleton and castle are matte painted elements and not CGI. They just have a strong parallax effect going with them.

It’s produced by Frederator and animated by Powerhouse Animation.


I dunno, maybe Warren Ellis’ brand of crazy might rebuild the castlevania story into something I’d like to see again.


A Zombies Ate The Neighbors or an Earthbound show would rule.


How can it call itself a video game adaptation if it isn’t produced by Paul W. S. Anderson and directed by Uwi Bol?


Castlevania also shares the honour of best soundtrack on the NES with Mega Man 2 & 3 i.m.o.


Yes, this! I’m really hoping they’re using the original music re-scored and not a bunch of original generic fantasy/action music.


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