The only video review you need to watch of the new Zelda game


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Wow. Yeah, that was absolutely more interesting than anything I’ve seen about the title or platform to date.


I caught this through Reddit yesterday and almost LOLd on a conference call. Great video!


Looks great, though I had to mute the vid’s audio after 5 seconds (CartmanBrah is the only commentary channel for me).


Long ago (after Game Cube) I decided I had to stop buying Nintendo systems just for Zelda games. It still stings every time a new one comes out.


The voice commentary was the best part!


I’ve read that the first gen isn’t so great; lots of dead pixels, connectivity nonsense, lots of missing features…and of course, a very, very small library of decent games.
I’m gonna wait for the…XL version, I think.


Can you even buy it anywhere?


what’s with the odd colors? The brightness is way too high,


Oh my god. I can’t remember the last time I laughed to the point of wheezing. Still wiping tears from eyes.

Thanks Rob. I needed that.


Fyi if you’re on the fence -
My 17 year old son’s first video game experience was Ocarina (he used to get to the bosses and then wait for me to come home from work because he was a little scared of them :blush:). He occasionally remarks about how nothing really compares and how he wishes he could be 7 again and play it for the first time.

He bought the Switch to play this, and I came home the other day to find this cool cocky overgrown (an inch taller than me already!) kid sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the TV with this goofy grin on his face. He excitedly showed me the horse he’d tamed and then said “This is it - it’s the best since the Ocarina of Time”


Oh I’m not on the fence. Didn’t buy a Wii or a Wii U. There is literally one thing I am ever interested on a Nintendo system. And that is Zelda. Every single other game I play has been since Game Cube days not available on a Nintendo. I typically play on PC anyway, and don’t really have a need for a console that, at best, just doubles up on my media functionality anyway. I’m not gonna buy a Switch. I will miss this Zelda. Unless or until I borrow some ones switch, or it turns up on emulators 10 years down the line (how I finished Twilight Princess after the Game Cube ate itself).

The Game Cube experience is actually what convinced me to avoid these things actually. Even though I waited until the thing was pretty damn cheap. Hundred bucks or so. I still ended up spending around $200 bones just to play Windwaker. Its not exactly cost effective (as much as I god damned love Windwaker). Even if I had the spare money, I don’t think its really in me to do that anymore.

I’ll just feel really sad about it while that New Zelda Buzz is going strong.


I never finished Twilight princess (got maybe half way). Is it worth the time? It’s like $20 on wii u.


Honestly? It didn’t make much of an impression. Most of what I remember is struggling to get the Emulator to work properly. It seems like Skyward Sword is better regarded, and this new one is getting much more love than I remember Twilight Princess getting. If I ever end up with coincidental access to a Nintendo again I’ll probably replay it.

And I’m just now realizing that my Game Cube died in less than 3 years of ownership. Maybe that’s got something to do with my reticence to buy any sort of new Console.



Can you say deadpan delivery if you don’t see the face of a person?

Why did I give him the leaf? That is my best weapon I had.

As a botanist, I concur.


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