Nintendo Switch is in Amazon store

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Should read, “fine Zelda playing machine in Amazon store”


I bought one on my Amazon for my son a few weeks ago, and it cost way more. :rage:

CAn you even imagine getting 1311 likes on a post?


There will surely be some sort of desirable bundle available in a matter of months, if not weeks – probably with minor but desirable quality tweaks to the hardware, too.

Those willing to wait can surely avail themselves of the astonishing quantity of quality free or nearly-free software that is readily available.

Where I’m at as well. I have such a backlog on other consoles, and so few people who play online games with the Switch (basically one friend with Splatoon), I figure I can wait until the switch is no longer desirable and snag a big bundle like I did with the WiiU.

That’s the main reason i haven’t bothered buying one. As much as i’d like to play Zelda i do not want to drop that much money just to play a single game. I can’t think of any other game on the console i’d want to buy.

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That is the kicker, this is the perfect piece of hardware for back when I used to travel…

If it had the library of the Xbox 360. Also I don’t travel anymore.


I just recently bought a red/blue Switch (second hand, missing the controller grip, for more than the RRP). I don’t feel too bad, because it’ll probably be 2018 before you can simply buy one like a normal commercial product. I figure it’s worth it for Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey will be out well before BotW gets old.

I’d love to know why Nintendo is so ridiculous though.

Got ours a few months back from the grocery store (alas, not the one with the color joy controllers, but I’m not complaining).

The only game we have for it is Breath of the Wild, which is a pretty nice game. (Ok, it’s better than Game Cube’s Wind Waker, but I am hoping that also comes to the Switch.) Looking forward to finish exploring that one, anyway.

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If true, I’m sold.

Well, if you’re a fan of the incredibly specific Scott Gets to Explore Islands microsubgenre (as I am), it was a hard sell to beat WW. But I have to say, there’s some Mœbius influence that was definitely not wasted.

I even bought some of those stupid Amiibos.

You bought it from a scalper. Amazon will also sell via 3rd parties who mark it up $100 or so these days. Least it’s not like near launch when it was almost $500.

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It is likely a nice console to have when out and about and you know you’ll have downtime. The problem is that the library for the console isn’t something i’m interested in, there’s Zelda and then everything else i likely already own on my PS4 and/or PC. I passed on the Wii U for the same reasons and i can’t think of games on it i would have wanted besides Zelda (again). Glad i passed on that console.

To be fair, it’s a very good post.


Splatoon is nice. Also modding the WiiU’s Wii backcompat mode with emulators is pretty sweet. I’ve been meaning on getting more into Monster Hunter and Xenoblade Chronicles, but haven’t yet. There are some intruiging games you don’t get elsewhere, even on WiiU but the U is only going to make a good deal of sense when it’s so cheap people are selling their whole collection for $50. Definitely buy it then. That time will be soon.

I don’t like to mod my consoles, i want the 1st party company to have their shit together and offer up a compelling reason to buy into the platform. I own a PS4 and i’m quite happy with it. On the flipside i see the Wii U and the Switch and i don’t really see much value there. Their online services are near non-existent, bad friend system, no native headset/chat support, their virtual console for old games isn’t up yet on Switch.

If someone is happy with the last two Nintendo consoles i can’t argue with it, but for what i like to get out of my gaming systems i feel like it’s entirely wasted on me. And after the Wii i feel like i was burned by how that console was handled and i haven’t seen much improvement since.

I used the Wii much more once they stopped preventing people from running homebrew. It’s a bit dated now for streaming media files off my NAS device, but it was fantastic for a while. Of course, playing NES, SNES, etc. emulators lets you get a lot more gaming for a lot less cost than a NES Classic.

And of course SCUMMVM with a WiiMote is sublime. And there’s now a decent library of old Wii games that I missed when they were new.

If that’s what someone likes to do with their console then yeah, i agree. Though like i said above, i don’t like to mod my consoles and felt like my purchase there was wasted. Didn’t have the same problem with my PS3 back in the day.

I would like to see more from Nintendo because the Switch does seem like a great console. Right now i’m just waiting.

If anybody gets one (or has one) and is into Splatoon 2 and wants to play sometime on a team, let me know! MAN what a great game that is, and I don’t like shooters. But it’s not first-person, and it’s AWESOME. :smiley:


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