Fortune claims Elon Musk has only 40,000 subcribers on Twitter, equivalent to a marginally successful OnlyFans account

Originally published at: Fortune claims Elon Musk has only 40,000 subcribers on Twitter, equivalent to a marginally successful OnlyFans account | Boing Boing


I really have to wonder what kind of idiot subscribes to Elon Musk, though. He’s clearly not going to produce “special content” for subscribers, and his usual “content” is stolen jokes and generally being a stoned fascist. Everyone simply following him (even if they are mostly bots) is already getting the “premium” experience. In that context, 40k is actually quite a lot.

Having less than a million paid users is hilarious - that’s barely a rounding error in operating costs. Yeah, I’m sure making that the focus for the company’s revenue will really turn around Twitter’s fortunes, Elno. And this dude is blaming the ADL for the drop in revenue? Amazing.


The onlyfans comparison seems generous, if anything. From what we’ve heard regarding him demanding special-Elon-tweaks to the visibility algorithms and seething about getting blocked; he’s more of a flasher whose validation is explicitly tied to being in your face whether you like it or not than either someone who sees catering to the interests of their customers as a means to get paid or providing paid access as a means to support an activity they like in itself but couldn’t otherwise support.

It would eat at him to withhold any of his activity from the world at large just for the possibility of getting $4/month from a few more suckers.

That said, I could imagine someone in his position seeing an opportunity to phone in a relatively low effort ghostwritten content slurry stream for subscribers; probably relatively generic “business”/“investing” for people who think that watching youtube shorts about drop-shipping hacks makes them alpha males who are their own boss. I’m just not sure I can imagine twitter-elon doing something so low risk and pragmatic.


Why in the world would anyone pay anything to follow anybody on Xwitter?


That sounds about right. Considering that he only shows his asshole, I would expect that would garner fervent but limited appeal.


40K. I wonder how much of that is courtesy of Putin *after Musk screwed over Ukraine’s attack.

*or perhaps before


What in the hell is “earned media”? Can we please stop calling it that? Un-paid-for media exposure because you are a Trump or a Musk or a Kardashian is media welfare, or a tragedy of the attention commons, not “earned”


… apparently “paid users” is different from “paid subscribers,” because Twitter is a video game with layers of additional in-game purchases :confused:


I wonder if that was outsourced to Prigozhin’s tr0ll factory.


It really is hard to imagine that Elno has more than a handful of actual, legitimate (and extremely stupid) subscribers. On the other hand, I can imagine various scenarios involving bots (and probably stolen credit card numbers) whose owners are, for example, hoping a subscription will get them whitelisted, that seem a lot more likely.


Sounds like he’s trying to be a “pay-dough guy”


I can imagine at least half of them are hoping that they’ll be the first to catch Elon announce his next crypto target for pump-and-dump, like he did for Bitcoin and Dogecoin.



He rarely talks about bot problem nowadays. Is it fixed yet? /S


I don’t. Plenty of his fanbois have shown up here to tell us we’re wrong about this “genius”. They’re not around the BBS as much as they used to be, but they’re still out there.


a marginally successful OnlyFans account

My God, I hope this doesn’t mean we have to see his feet!


Kudos go to @orenwolf!


I have noticed that all the places where I saw commenters defending Musk’s “genius,” the number of defenders has precipitously dropped off since he bought Twitter. It really seems like his most reasonable defenders are, at the very least, too embarrassed to publicly do so now. Not just because of the obviously bad decisions involved with Twitter, but because the floodgates seemed to open for all the negative news stories about his other endeavors, too. It feels like most people bought into his whole “tech genius” image because of careless news coverage (that amounted to pro-Musk propaganda) and ignorance, and that changing means his only supporters now are people who got emotionally invested in the myth to a pathological degree.


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