Twitter's "for you" feed will show only paying subscribers

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This is bound to increase engagement. Who doesn’t want more gold sale tweets delivered on the urgent?


Elno’s faffing around with his expensive toy makes me so glad I never bothered with Twitter.


He’s literally said that he eventually wants the site to treat messages from free users like suspected spam emails.

“Over time—maybe not that long of time—when you look at mentions, replies, whatnot, the default will be to look at verified [accounts]. You can still look at unverified, just as in your Gmail or whatever you can still look at the probable spam folder,”


I’m surprised so many non-maga are still humping the bird. I know people have their own reasons for hanging on, but … for me (a non-celebrity)…I quit twitter the day muskrat took over. I know it’s hard to reestablish followers on the multiple alternatives, so I get that. But as reasonable people are not-so-discreetly being filtered out of the main feeds, I can’t imagine any benefits for remaining there.

Hopefully one of the alternative sites will rise to the top soon, and musky can worry about squeezing maga blood from the rotten turnips that are left behind.


I don’t want to ‘build my brand’ or generate a following. I’m happy using sites where that’s not really a thing. Articles I’ve read that are dissing the fediverse are complaints that you can’t build a brand and generate a following. Well, journalists, that’s your goal, not mine. I ditched Twitter in April. I’m now using a local instance of Mastodon for my online dose of humor, art, politics, and conversation. Twitter never had that last part at all.


Pay to play


“So it’s like the town square, only you have to pay to be there. I have a name for it. It’s called Hyper Town Square.”


His actual policies mimic hoaxes/jokes that showed up on FB years ago. Maybe he’s going to have a grand reveal on April 1st that this is all been an extravagant setup for a joke.


This is hilarious, as it 100% makes the “for you” feed utterly and completely worthless. Not a single person whose posts I continue to check Twitter to read is a paid subscriber (nor will they ever be); the people paying for checkmarks are universally not worth reading. It’s the perfect filter to separate out the shit. Unfortunately there’s nothing that actually makes recommendations or allows discoverability, which is just going to further Twitter’s rush towards extinction. I wish all the people I followed there would actually use the Mastodon accounts they set up after Elno took over…

Certain communities just didn’t survive the move to other social media intact. I don’t know if they scattered to too many different social media sites, or they just can’t find each other across the fediverse, but Twitter sadly remains the only place they exist (but probably not for much longer).

People on Twitter have questioned the date (edit: some of this stuff was announced to take effect April 1st) and aren’t certain it’s real - there’s also the possibility it’s real, but he timed the release so when it fails completely, he can claim it was a joke…


Elongated Muskrat: Twitter’s not going bankrupt fast enough…


I’m permanently set up in the “Following” tab – I never click on “For You.” But I also really love muting and blocking Twitter Blue subscribers, so now I know I’ll be able to get some actual use out of “For You” – clicking over and blocking 50-100 Musk worshipers at a time… Another triumph for the Dumbest Billionaire on Earth…


“It’s free speech, and the price is just $8/month!”


My “For You” just seems to be there to remind me that I’m not currently following Patton Oswalt like my friends. Nothing personal, Patton.


I honestly would have been sad the other way around - the firehose is part of what I loved about Twitter anyway.

I get tweets from President Biden and others as notifications sent to my phone (Samsung S21 Ultra 5G) but they don’t open in the Twitter app. No way am I paying to see tweets from anyone. Do you think I’ll still get those notifications?

Elon Musk said that only verified accounts will appear in Twitter’s recommendation feed, as the billionaire further shakes up the social media platform.

So how exactly is the crack businessman/Tony Stark of our time/all-around genius* going to reconcile this, uhhhh, feature, with his earlier decision to let paid subscribers skulk in the shadows?

Isn’t it safe to say that any rando in your “For You” feed that you don’t follow AND has no visible checkmark is just a coward?

*Editor’s note: He is demonstrably none of these things


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