Forward your spam to and a bot will waste the spammer's time


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Can I send Boing Boing ads to it?

Normally I ignore them, but damn they’re gross.



554 Recipients’ domain disabled




Looks like this article is fake news… S@dly.


not working: 554 Recipients’ domain disabled.
better use the old SpamCop which does the same since years…


most spam doesn’t come from the claimed sender anyway.


I reported this @mgid-grossness to Jason (, twice. He wrote back that they informed the add network, and would take care of this.

(ETA: I don’t complain that I still see the stuff now, I guess this is going to take a while. But the hell, they are shitty, and we shouldn’t have this on bb. Hope the ad Networks react.)

I’m inclined to use ab aggressive adblocker, again. Hostfile.
Body shaming, ageism, sexism, they’ve got it all.

I’m still waiting for blatant racism, though.


Indeed, it’s mostly scammers and phishers that this is about (if sp@mnesty worked); they have to give you some way to reach them, if their scam is to work.


I recently had to triage an phishing incident. An internal enterprise account was compromised (from Nigeria, really for real), 10,000 phishing mails were sent internally. The phishing hook was a compromised blog site doctored up with the company logo.

The only way to know it was a Nigerian source was examining mail heaters. Addresses and websites wouldn’t have really led directly to anyone to hassle.

I dont see the point in this “service”


BoingBoing’s ad server is definitely getting worse - they’ve also been pumping promotions for Rupert Murdoch’s hate rag ‘The Sun’ into the feed. I mailed Cory and it was quickly killed - but for a while it was ‘Ugh!’


Try using Brave as browser. Far from perfect, but the versions for Android and Windows are stable, very fast - and block ads etc.


For those interested in how the diabolical Lenny chatbot works: LINK1, LINK2


if and when broken is taken to the next level of civilisation we will be in the number zone with our little feelings


How am I just now learning about Lenny?


This isn’t really ontopic, but yes, if you see a crappy ad, email it to and @jlw will investigate. We don’t like crappy ads, either, but the modern adserver universe makes them bloody hard to squash.


Awesome :slight_smile:
I think that the bot is so effective, because it acts confused and has older person voice. Telemarketers typically prey on those that can easily be manipulated into purchasing things they don’t need, and with such bot they see an easy mark. IMO it’s morally good deed to waste their time in this way, it leaves them with less time to harm real people vulnerable to manipulation, like elderly.


I’m currently trying out FF Focus (“Klar” in German-speaking countries). I’ll give Brave a shot.

Just FTR, discourse in FF sucks a bit. I keep coming back to Chrome because mentioning (@) is broken in FF since, well, ever.

ETA, to contribute to the topic: if the bot isn’t going to ask the spammers to put a fish on their head then it is not the bot I am looking for.


Now I know why I have never white listed BoingBoing and never will. That is disgusting!


uBlock Origin is your friend. Adblock long ago went to the dark side.