Four reporters say their news organizations won't let them use the term "racist"

Sounds like the same logic that defines a white man who shoots up a theater or place of worship as “troubled” instead of “terrorist.”


Say what now? David Duke and his friends in pointy sheets is just fightin for the rights of the white man, I mean of white people. You know, same as them n—, I mean colored, I mean Afro-American folks do. Why are you trying to keep the white man I mean white people down?? It’s YOU who’s the real racist!


Pitch perfect…


I was raised in a middle-class white family, parents divorced, with one parent Progressive and one parent conservative. My father occasionally makes jokes that could be considered racist.

I knew that racism existed historically because without question no one can deny lynchings and slavery and everything else happened. I knew that there were probably still many racist people, but I thought it was something that was for the most part gone.

Until Trump was elected.

I never thought racism was correct and I was raised by both parents to know that it is wrong. But it is only under the presidency of Donald Trump that I see racism is far more prevalent and everywhere then I thought actually was.

I am Progressive Democrat, and a white guy, but I’ve lived in minority neighborhoods and seen the results of police literally shooting minorities to death blocks from my house.

I believe that America really does have racism everywhere. I came to believe this as a certainty over the last two years. This is a real problem and it makes me sad to be an American. Racist and racism are real words and have real realities that exist and real people behind them that need to be called out for what they are.

The one thing I am thankful for about Donald Trump is that he has exposed the roots of all evils in my country and I know where they lie now. You can’t fight what you don’t know is there. Thank you Donald for showing me what to fight against.


How dare you call me an idiot? Eventhough my actions may be construed by you people as idiotic, I am not an idiot at heart.


also the quote from maya angelou:
“when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”


Yep; though I worry about wearing that one ‘thin,’ I need to use it so damn often.

How can some people be so willfully obtuse?

Don’t answer that; I sadly know the ‘why’ and ‘how,’ all too well.



(sorry for the readability, it was the best I could come up with.)

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I can’t decide whether it is the elephant in the room or another truth that dare not speak its name.

Not quite. To qualify as a terrorist you need some political ideas that you want to enforce by acts of terrorism. Just the violence and no greater plan is just plain crazy.

Except that with a white, “lone wolf” shooter or bomber, people bend over backwards to find a humanizing reason for the violence. So much so that even the evidence dungeon of political rants becomes a symptom of their Very Complicated Inner Struggle, rather than cause of violence.

Conversely, other folks get tied to Mindless Acts of Terrorism or being a drone in a Devious Plot to Undermine All that is Sacred before a single post-it note is found.



All in the north, mostly blue states.



So most of the “troubled” white men are far-right terrorists then.

In 2018, every single ideologically motivated murder was linked to right-wing extremism.

It’s good to see we agree on this


I see. So wanting to kill as many homosexuals, women, people of different races, unbelievers, as you can before you go down in a blaze of glory is only politically based terrorism if you’re not a white man, otherwise it’s just crazy.

Thanks for setting me straight on that.


So if they fear legal repercussions they could report on racists the same way they report on other criminals: “The President’s allegedly racist comments from last night were reviled by a majority of Americans.”

They can still use the correct word.


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