Fox and Friends reporter seems sorry he talked to a smart person about the Green New Deal

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Someone should put together a Fox News report from December 12th, 1941 with a reporter going to the local bar to grill people about why they support going to war with the Axis.

“You know it will cost a lot of money, right?”

Well, yeah, but they did declare war on us and unless we act hundreds of millions of people will fall under German and Japanese power.

“Ok, you obviously feel this is important. But wars cost a lot of money, so how do you pay for them?”

Uh…like government pays for anything, a mixture of bonds and taxes. And the economic stimulus from such a vast undertaking is probably going to be a huge net positive for the economy.

“So you admit that you favor RAISING TAXES to pay for this?”


I love how climate change is framed as a money problem, when i think the potential for the obliteration/collapse of most life forms on earth (including humans) gets wholly skipped over.


Fox News hosts and those who nod along with them, like cynics, know the price of everything and the value of nothing.


“Per usual, viewers, I don’t know what I was thinking!”


How are you going to pay for NOT doing it is a better question. How many billion per year in disaster relief, displaced people and capital from areas now underwater, increased costs when droughts hit etc. etc. At least when you plan for something you can budget for it. And there’s real opportunity to just do everything better while stimulating the economy like the way green jobs far outweigh say coal while being more cost effective - and that’s not even counting the environmental impact costs of coal. I mean you could go on all day here.

The big problem is how do the Koch brothers and their ilk cash in on this - since they’ve bought the republican party and pulled the wool over the eyes of many of the common people with their nonsense, things won’t likely get better until they have some reason to align with the betterment of the economy, the middle/lower class, and the planet.


The headline would imply that Fox News reporters are self-aware. Which is clearly not the case.


It’s easy to see this conversation as a sick own on this particular state media personality when you’re not sitting next to the average Fox News viewer who sees this and just thinks, ‘Beat it, nerd.’


The IPCC report is not the worst-case scenario. :man_shrugging:


“Just to be clear, you DO support raising taxes?”

They always fall back on that one. I usually counter it with:

“Well, are you a big fan of a huge, ever-growing national debt? You know you can’t pay off a debt by taking in less money, it’s common sense. Make up your mind whether you care about lower taxes or lower debt, can’t have both.”


Part of me is convinced that they are positive it’s not going to happen. They don’t want to support a boondoggle like “preventing climate change”, but they fully support constructing hundreds of miles of a medieval form of border defense.

Some people are stupid. Some are greedy. And some are both.


Al Gore: “If I’m choosing between a pile of gold and the Earth…where am I going to keep my gold?”


"Space!"The answer is “space,” right? /s


So we just gotta tell these idiots that space is full of gold. Hell our gas giants likely see diamond precipitation.


We’ve already sold Elon Musk apparently.


Putting aside all your good points about the macroeconomic costs and opportunities, these fools think their money will protect them, and that they have the money to do so because they’re “deserving” (which ties into the line of BS they market to the rubes through various channels). Libertarians and the Fox News crowd never understand that, when it comes to the externalities of climate change, there is no “away”.

Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of those born suckers hanging around this joint. Welcome, and pull up a bar stool.


The IPCC report has been proven to be overly optimistic at pretty much every measurable milestone. All the events predicted are happening, but much much faster than the IPCC forecast would have it. And if that is not terrifying, you must be a Fox news viewer.


I think it does look like a really foolish idea if you actually don’t believe that climate change is real, which seems likely if you’re watching Fox. In that case, you’re watching a stupid voter who probably doesn’t even pay taxes say he wants you to hand over your hard-earned money to big brother so they can fight fairytale monsters.


Unfortunately the lister/viewer base of Fux news doesn’t care about the global/high level view. They care about themselves and simply think “it won’t effect me”.