Fox News blames schools teaching "fairness" for support for a tax on the super-rich


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Man. Next thing you know they are going to teach kids to be nice to each other if they are of a different ethnicity.

Hell in a handbasket i say!



I wonder if the the ‘Fair and Balanced’ network will change it slogan because of this…


It’s like that one book says, “All I really need to know to overthrow the capitalist machine I learned in Kindergarten.”


“Capitalist and Balanced”

Or if they went all in with the truth:

“Capitalist and Fuck You”


I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or barf. Maybe all three.


Breaking: Fox News says something stupid. Stay tuned for updates.


Well, according to Fox News, it’s because “the idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time

It’s been promoted in our Bibles for even longer time! I demand Fox News should do something about this scourge of fairness immediately. Who knows what’ll happen if it spreads. Where’s Plutocrat Jesus when we need him?



One could argue that the Bible takes it even further than mere “fairness,” teaching that we shouldn’t begrudge other people getting a living wage even if they didn’t have to put in as much work to earn it.




The main reason I am for “radical” plans like high taxes on extremely high incomes is that people like Fox News are against those plans.


Modern Times FTW.


Also, please notice that these guys talk about freedom a lot, but almost never talk about equality. In their version of America and the Constitution, equality is a marxist socialist plot to undermine God’s true Americans.


But their main argument against taxing the rich is that it wouldn’t be fair.


I kind of understand the argument, why is it fair to tax the wealthy more when they have earned what they earned?

So lets talk fair shall we? How about the 1% brings their 2.9 trillion tax shelter money back to the US? How about tax payers stop funding corporate welfare?


Thing is, I tend to ignore any arguments against a tax on the super-rich if it’s coming from the super-rich, and chances are, if you’re an anchor (you can add an additional ‘W’ in front of that word for an appropriate homophone) or regular commentator on Fox News, you’re super-rich, so jog on.


Nah, they make a pretty good living - compared to most people. But if Howard Schultz (to use a guy in the news recently blabbing about these things) were to wake up tomorrow with Fox News anchor money, he’s shit all over his Starbucks apron and possibly jump out a window.
These toads are really no different than a regular work-a-day chump bootlicking on Facebook about how tax is theft and some other dumb horseshit.


It doesn’t have to make any damn sense, obviously! :exploding_head:


“You know the saying: all’s fair in… NOTHING! NOTHING! (froth froth!)
-Fox “News”, Feb 6, 2019.

Hey… “Froth News”. I kinda like that.