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Someday, I don’t think it will be anytime soon we will get “Factual” fun on the web…


I visited FractalJS and thought “man, this fractal zooms in way too fast” for the first time in my life.


Are you kidding? I can’t wait for real-time rendering! This is actually starting to get close :smiley:
(Dies in the arse on the zoom out though)

FractalJS will render anti-aliased if you give it a minute… sweet!

The density slider on the colour map is great too.


Now extend it to 3d shapes and VR…


3d rendering of fractals.


I made this one back in the early 90s, on my homemade fractal generator.

It looks like bigger fish eating littler fish, forever.

I still have the source for the program, but no way to build it - it’s tied up with a pre-Windows GUI “desktop” system that i wrote, and i can’t find the graphics libraries that i need to make it work.


This 3D animation is quite impressive.


Yeah, Except when I hit “Zoom Limit” What the hell is that?


No kidding! I remember waiting overnight to get POVray to do some raytracing on my old 386 PC.

What’ll kids these days be blown away when they’re my age?


A nuke, maybe?

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