Fractal Jigsaw puzzle


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This is pretty, but it is not a fractal.


Actually, a fractal it is.


OOH I detect a semantic argument brewing.


What brewing? Check the linked article, I won. This ended before it could even start.


I’m not casting any judgment, just predicting a riposte.


Step 2: take it apart and reassemble it into two jigsaw puzzles. Trickier, but much lower manufacturing costs in the long run.


A fractal is infinitely complex, and cannot be made out of wood… or even atoms. Like most things called “fractal,” this is actually a pretty shape inspired by fractals. It would be cool if mathematics worked this way.


A fractal run over infinite number of iterations, yes. A fractal run over a limited number of iterations, no.

For all practical uses, this is a fractal. Probably even procedurally generated.

It’s like claiming that a triangle you can draw is not an ideal mathematical triangle with perfectly straight lines with zero thickness.


…is not called a fractal. It’s called a shape.


Popular usage voted. It is called a fractal.


Is it a dragon curve? It certainly looks similar, but dragon curves use 90° rotations, don’t they? Genuinely curious—is there a version constructed with 60 or 120° rotations?

(It’s only a matter of time before a headline includes the inevitable phrase “8-bit fractal”—I’ve been stockpiling bottled water and canned beans for the ensuing comment firestorm and web traffic singularity.)


The puzzle author said so in the video so I assume he knows what he’s doing. I think the 90-degrees is just a usual value, not a requirement; e.g. according to wikipedia the terdragon uses 120 degrees.


@shaddack I get a point!


Indeed! :smiley:


Aha, thank you. This does bear more of a resemblance: just take each triangle and pucker it…


Hah! I was inb4 prediction. Point deducted!


<big">Fractious Fractal Fracas!!!


NUH UH, I predicted your riposte at Dec 21, 8:48 AM, and it arrived at Dec 21, 10:34 AM. (According to the posting times provided by BBS).

This is getting meta.


You would have won … if it was a dragon curve. Wrong angles and segments sizes. Got any other links you want to try?