Wooden fractal curve puzzles


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I wonder why this guy hates David Hilbert so much


Because Hilbert grabbed Infinity by the horns and wrestled it to the ground.


It was weird watching the Kickstarter video, hearing the background music, and not seeing brass being machined while a pleasant Australian narrates. I’ve been conditioned by Clickspring.


OK, wait a minute. That third puzzle there. There’s a problem.


Gödel would have to say one thing about this.


Here’s another nice fractal jigsaw puzzle by Oskar van Deventer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SbOYXQ2x6I

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Hilbert was a hero, to be sure.

But Gödel … Gödel walked, talked, and reckoned with the Angels. (And paid the price for his genius – a genuine tragedy.)


My knowledge is very much limited to brief stints on wikipedia but I thought Giuseppe Peano discovered the first curve.
David Hilbert hasn’t been overlooked though, the Hilbert curve got it’s very own puzzle in the batch I released last year. :slight_smile:


I’m having trouble understanding how everyone else does, uh, not see what you and I are seeing…

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I didn’t actually think you hated Hilbert, I was just being whimsical. But the Hilbert curve is better known, I guess because it is simpler to code, and/or because CS types are familiar with Hilbert from his role in the creation myth of computing.


I’m sure it is a coincidence. Nothing to get in a furor about… :wink:

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I wonder why this guy hates me.


Hilbert’s stuff, to me, is already too complicated to grasp.

“To infinity… and beyond” would be a duly fitting motto for Cantor, as I was told. But for Gödel, infinity is not enough. I’m not religious, and your metaphor is a bit lost on me, but it definitely sounds about right.

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I absolutely did not see that. I had to go back to see what you were talking about.

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