Numberphile looks at mathematics' undecidable statements

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I second this. Such a great book. Educational, in-depth look at what sorts of things might be needed in an actual AI, but it wanders all OVER the place in getting there. Also, INCREDIBLY entertaining. If you think this is dry, check it out, I think you’ll be surprised!


Every few years I forget how Godel’s incompleteness stuff works so I’m glad ot have watched this as a refresher.

Loved that book when I was a teenager!
What a wonderful introduction to some advanced math themes, the weird and facinating art of Esher and the music of maybe the greatest composer ever.


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For an excellent take on Bertrand Russel’s attempt to reformulate mathematics from the bottom up, which was proved impossible to do by the Incompleteness Theorem, try “Logicomix”


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