Fragile Rocks' emo puppets tear up NPR's Tiny Desk

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I’m surprised that list doesn’t include “…and an IP lawyer to respond to Cease & Desist letters from the Jim Henson Company.”




To be fair, it’s not Jim Henson’s company they’d need to be afraid of, it’s Disney, who know owns Henson.


Disney owns the Muppets™ - but Jim Henson Productions is a separate entity and they own and control the rights to Fraggle.

The music is sort of okay - in a garage band wannabe B-52’s kinda way - but the puppets and the puppetry suck (sorry to the folks who are doing that but, hey, it’s true) and don’t really add anything except “Hey look, we have bad puppets singing along with us.”. Avenue Q it ain’t. But what do I know? I’m just an old curmudgeon who wishes people would cut out this lame shit. Where’s my beer?

Puppetry is nothing compared to certain polity in Hillary book September, ight, ight.
Spoiler: Pages are printed all black.
Constant mention of given name for preserved sprouted onion in suit, in news.

Moral: If you body surf a puppet, it might be awhile before you get it back.

Is there an echo in here?

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