Crapgadget watch: toys of unimaginable ghastliness


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I’ll take the furry bondage plushie…

…for a friend.


We need to get those to Ashens!


The last image on the liked post, the “Extreme Chores!” game, isn’t a real product. It’s one of those fake decoy gift boxes you can buy from The Onion to put another gift inside.


That MLP rip-off is amazing


It just needs a cigarette and a bottle of whiskey accessory.


I want to buy them all for my teenage son!

Hm. I clicked through to FoD but none of the pictures will show in my browser.


I want to see screens from Grugrats.


Awww…even Wall-Eyed Nemo and Cubism Pony deserve to be loved. And I can only imagine all the creative things I would have done with Cyclops Barbie when I was six.


I know a little who would like one…


Pinkie Pie is pretty fed up with your shit…


Baby’s first ball gag!

Is Junior finally sleeping through the night now? Who cares?!!


So who do I contact if one of these images was stolen from me ?


Bring out the gimp


Me neither. I think it requires 3rd party cookies enabled to work. Which ain’t gonna happen in my case.


Your lawyer. Also, you use film? How would the digital photo be stolen? Did they “cut” instead of “copy”?


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