Freaky baby clothes and accessories by Mitch O'Connell


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The art itself is cute … but I can’t imagine putting most of them on a child. (A couple could work, but then it wasn’t really funny … strong man?)

this might be the longest BB post in the site’s history


Yeah, seriously - put it under the cut, please! If we want to scroll down through a giant mess of pop art images, we’ll click through to the full article!


My brain wants it to stop.

Browsing the images, I was reminded when I gave a copy of Geek Love to a friend who was pregnant for the first time. A story about a family of intentionally created sideshow freaks (and the failures) was not exactly the correct fare for an expectant mother.

Image from Geek Love | Picture Book Report – nudity in the drawings on the page

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Came to say the same.

I wonder if Boing Boing realizes how many of us still use the “blog” view, rather than the new “we need more clicks” magazine-style interface.


It’s worth pointing out that “realizing” might not matter if they don’t also “care”.


Am I the only one who was reminded of Ed Hardy a little bit when looking at the art style?

Stripper? Really? Well I guess you have to have something to wear if your weed leaf onesie has spit up on it.

They have extensive site monitoring, you needn’t worry about it.

The art itself is cute … but I can’t imagine putting most of them on a single page.

Crikey, scrolling through all of that was more annoying than Caturday. (Not LOL.)

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