Gallery of disappointing stuff


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I was going to say that these were worthy of their own Mini Museum but size is an issue. Perhaps A Mega Museum version.



I know a lot of these are fake, but they are entertaining


I’m pretty sure all my ex-girlfriends will be posting here.


This was the worst IMO:


I am not disappointed AT ALL!!!


You don’t like ASCII Art? :frowning:




Thanks @beschizza!


Wow, Ken.


The post itself is the best part



Whatever you do, don’t buy a ‘designer gown’ online without recourse.


Am I still on the list of those who are seriously disappointed with Boing Boing? If I’m not on the list I will be disappointed, which means I belong on the list, but if I am on the list, that would satisfy me, which may cause Rob to take me off the list.

I’ll submit my photo directly to the gallery. I hope it’s a brick and mortar gallery, not just a damn subreddit or some kind of file share.


It’s a real catch 22. Disappointed if you do; disappointed if you don’t.


I feel like a lot of these should be illegal. No wonder America is so willing to embrace lies, advertising lies to us over and over and over and over again with impunity, and there’s no recourse.


When little Jilly and I went to the pediatrician last week and somehow, the female pediatrician didn’t look like her Barbie:

(NOTE: The “doctor” Barbie had no underwear/panties/knickers – little Jilly and I checked. We did NOT check the actual female doctor, so I cannot draw any conclusions there.)


[quote=“Hanglyman, post:18, topic:103209”]
No wonder America is so willing to embrace lies,[/quote]

Simmer down junior. You’re gonna cut yourself with all that edge.


was the actual doctor wearing stiletto heels?