Warning: viewing these baby animals in cute outfits may kill you


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Re: “That cute otter could grow to 99 pounds, the heaviest of the weasel family.”: anyone with a copy of The New York Times could name half a dozen more massive.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

I believe that warning is excessive.

I viewed them and did not die, in fact I was not even harmed.

This distressed me as I thought it might be a humane way to go, but it’s all so much hyperbole.


They disabled right-clicking their images.

Had to use DevTools to get images.

Security theatre. Lame.



challenge accepted



If you’re looking for something that leans a little more towards the humorous side, you might try Terry Deroy Gruber’s - Cat High: The Yearbook.

In a William Wegman-esque collection, Gruber posed cats in clothing (pre-photoshop, this was at least 30 years ago) to make up an entire high school graduating class. Jocks, nerds, mathletes, even a few cultural exchange students.


Assuming I did something to provoke a baby otter or pygmy hippo I think their ability to attack is going to be somewhat limited by their cute outfits.


So… Somebody basically looked at these, smoked some pot and came up with BoJack Horseman?


These are great. If anybody is shopping for a new avatar . . .


i started to flag this as off-topic but then i realized the weasel connection.


Friedman might not be the arch-weasel at the Times, but his mastery of weasel-wording is unforgettable.


Looks like the cast of Wes Anderson movie


Oh, sure. Mention cute animals and then show two pictures in the post. But when you’re advertising a $400 pizza attachment for a grill, I get to scroll through the entire afternoon’s worth of pictures on the front page.

I need a way to use adblock on BS posts like that one. And you need to show more cute animal pics.


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