Couple shares strange furbaby 'childbirth' photos


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Very brave of them.


Berkeley Breathed understands the weirdness of people more than anyone else


For the love of cats stop personifying cats!


Do you want to end up in a furry spank bank? Because this is how you end up in a furry spank bank.


That kid is going to need a lot of therapy later on in life.


This stuff really bothers me. Likening adopting a pet to giving birth is so disrespectful to every woman who has ever given birth. It is a difficult, life-risking endeavor that should not be so easily co-opted for a joke. This shoot just feels like a mockery of the experience of women. The pain and risk is real.


Okay, now I really love my kitties. They are like little people to me. However, the giving birth thing is really over the top. Maybe some weird art project concept? Someday this little kitty is going to see these photos on the internet and then what’s going to happen? I see PTSD in this kitties future. Very cute cat though.


Hey! That’s enough from you today. :slightly_smiling_face:




His look says it all


Strange somewhat disturbing but cute anyhow. Honestly I understand this though because I know for a lot of people their furbabies are their only children


Their “furbabies” are the closest thing they have to children. Baby talk and zillion-dollar cat accessories do not change a cat into anything other than a spoiled cat. “Furbabies” is so high on my list of parenting pet peeves it edges out women who call their three-year-old daughters “girlfriend”.

Yup, I’m feeling all judgey today.


Love the concept, but the emerging kitten should be soaking wet and slimy. Otherwise it loses all credibility.


I agree that giving birth is dangerous and hard work… However, I don’t think that’s what they’re mocking… I think they are mocking people who share that intimate moment of child birth with the internet as well as people who treat their pets like children… I didn’t get that they were mocking child birth itself. Maybe that’s just me?


Speaking from the perspective of a middle aged couple who didn’t / couldn’t have children and who are pretty damned tired of hearing our peers blather on and on about PTA, chapped nipples, school districts, soccer practice and infinitely more - we found these photos quite humorous thank you.

Our only regret? That the ignoramuses of the world breed copiously while progressives like us are more likely to eschew offspring. The moral being: mazel tov if you’re a progressive with children, you’re picking up our slack.


I love cats… but this?


Words fail me.


I think that concern applies if the area being assessed for “credibility” is incredibly small and enigmatic.


Looks like kitty was laid out with a single upper-cut.


Please. Plenty of smart people have children.