Family upset that someone keeps shaving a "perfect square" patch in their pet cat's fur


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Have they x-rayed to check for any implanted devices?



Could just be a spay-and-release organization checking for whether a spaying scar is present.


Aliens? Of course!


@misterbagman is obviously an alien… You should be ashamed - trying to confuse us with logic.


Bingo! Doesn’t look like she’s wearing a collar; how are they to know she’s not a stray.

I don’t let me cats outside, but I think it’s reasonable in some settings. But always put a collar on them and have them fixed!


It wasn’t me, and you can’t prove it anyway.


Maybe keep your cat in for a few days?


I think it’s irresponsible to let your cat out anyway. They get run over by cars and stuff all the time here, eat the birds that neighbours feed, and shit in backyards they don’t belong to. Keep your cat inside and all these problems go away.


I feel exactly the same way about other people’s children. It’s not like their feelings matter when I know what’s really good for them.

Edit: My children are perfect in every way™ of course. They never do any environmental damage at all, in fact they purify air and water by their mere presence.


Your neighbor’s children eat songbirds and native reptiles?


I just spay them and release them.


I bet the cat has fleas, is allergic to fleas, and is over-grooming it’s belly because it’s skin is irritated. The over-grooming is removing fur & creating the bald spot. This happened with my cat and the bald spot he created from over-grooming was shaped like a rhombus, straight sides and all.


Eh - I think this is a subtle way of saying “control your pets”.


If the neighbor’s children are shitting in your garden and eating your wildlife, I’d say you legitimately have a right to contribute some input on how they’re being raised…


Studies have shown an outdoor cat’s life expectancy does drop pretty precipitously thanks to traffic, etc. People also grossly underestimate how much environmental damage cats can do - being well fed doesn’t make it less destructive. (Although people also over-estimate how good they are at rodent control, at the same time. They don’t do much - or anything - to curb rat problems, for example.)


I hope that cat is fixed.

I doubt it’s a local trap/fix/release program because they should clip the cats ear to mark it as having had the surgery preformed.

Just another reason, though, to keep your cats indoors - they will live longer, too.


Not to mention running out into the street in the middle of the night and getting hit by cars.

Well, they’re basically the serial killers of the pet world, right?


One possibility is that these cats are not well taken care of and a kindly neighbor is shaving off matted or knotted fur. The cut nipples, the fact that they look well cared for in the photos, and the fact that it’s happened to more than one person’s cat makes that pretty improbable, though.