Watch baby sea otter Joey, live in his aquatic nursery

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His life is a TV show and he’s unaware of it? Maybe his name should be Truman.


Otters are assholes.

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OH I love otters. They are so cool.

I saw my FIRST otter in the wild this summer! It was in a small river near Minor Park in Missouri. At first I had no idea what I was seeing, we were looking down from a bridge. I thought “An alligator?? Did someone dump a pet??” And then it swam up more and we saw it better. OMFG, an otter!! I was so excited. It ran off before I could get a blurry pic.

“Fun” Fact - There is a Potawatomie Trail of Death marker in that park. I had no idea it was there, just stumbled onto it. I don’t think my direct ancestors were on this forced march, but one a year or two later. But I am sure I had distant cousins who were.

I think next spring I need to get some stones and fix the ring. I found a pic from 6 years ago and the earth is swallowing up the rings. Maybe make it a pet project to care for it.


That just makes them MORE adorable!
They’re like furry dolphins!

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Every animal out there his horrible.

Don’t believe me? Google squirrel eating mouse.

Your cute cat and dogs are murder machines if given the chance.

Tell me your favorite animal and I will find a way to ruin it for you.


The most awful thing I’ve seen on a nature show was 2 grizzlies trying to get busy. The female wasn’t in to it, and to get her excited, the male walked over to a sweet, smaller, younger female bear. This little girl was out searching for berries, she had beautiful golden fur and wasn’t really paying attention to them. As soon as she saw him walking toward her, she was terrified. Then he attacked and killed her with a bite to the neck.
The female grizzly was so turned on, she immediately backed in to him and they did the deed.
All I could think of was that sweet little bear, who should have had a bow in her hair and bluebirds dancing around her, lying dead on the ground for no reason other than to get some psycho female ready to breed.


Holy shit! That is some hard core nature show!

I knew males could be dangerous to female and cubs, but didn’t know they killed their own to get a female “ready”.

ETA - was the bear killed still a cub?

Praying Mantises. Not true believers! Charlatans! :wink:

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She wasn’t a cub. I think she was probably a young female. Mom was no where around or Horny Bear probably would have left her alone. Maybe in bear years, she was a teenager?

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