This kitteh may think it is an otter…


I would not have suspected that the phrase ‘aqueous philosophy weasel’ could be elicited by a series of photographs; but having seen these ones I cannot escape this conclusion.


I liked otters more when they were done with practical effects.


I can totally see the invisible pipe and spectacles in the 2nd one down.


In the past, ‘catling’ was apparently an acceptable synonym for ‘kitten’. I would propose its re-introduction for this situation, ‘a tub of sprightly catling’.


Let’s see, I would like a tub of sprightly catling… and uh, a philosophizing otter to go, please.


Yeah, the green screen is so obvious on this one :stuck_out_tongue:





Couldn’t help myself.
I edited the green-screened river otter so he’d get to know all about Edwin, a “Super Duper” otter from the Seattle Aquarium.




Could be @doctorow in a fur suit…


Would it surprise me? No.


It doesn’t swim underwater though. :stuck_out_tongue:


But is the 8 year old as adorable as the otter? I suspect not.


… and so it was that I searched for scuba diving cat and found this video. (Warning, contains super annoying tv voiceover voice. Why do they feel compelled to do that? Ugh…) (Also, $20,000 is a lot of money to spend getting your obviously overweight cat to the bottom of the pool. People are weird.)


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