Disturbing image hidden in a toy purchased at dollar store




I’m predicting the best sales day in that dollar store’s history.


Yeah, I want one already.


Maybe quit buying plastic princess crap for you kid and you won’t have to worry about it, lady.

That’s right. I said lady.


No more disturbing than some of the Disney Princess crap filling the shelves.


Probably the adjacent Barbie doll would do more long-term psychological damage.


Agree 100%. This sentiment is not contrary to the notion that they also shouldn’t sell this disturbing plastic crap as toys.


come on: it’s CALLED an EVILSTICK. what part was she not understanding? (i guess the “EVIL” part, but still)


It says a lot that I can’t shake the feeling that this is an SNL skit or something.




D@$n. I forgot about that one. That’s right on the money.


Is that a $100 Dollar store?


Hmmm… speaking of which, is there a “Kardashian-butt-Barbie” available yet?



I agree about buying pink crap being terrible and barbies being fucked up role-models and kinda wanting one of these for myself (until I realize I don’t need the quirky/kitsch/novelty/clutter “toy” in my house).

However, this is fucking weird, no? I mean, a seemingly innocuous child’s toy disguising the depiction of cutting/self-harm, a very common and serious issue among yound women. That’s bizzarre. (Of course, I don’t think there’s any way this toy will inspire the behavior.)

And the store owner’s defense of the toy? WTF… How many does he have on stock that make him not want to just toss the inventory and avoid bad publicity? And who made this toy? Was it altered after manufacturing or was this actually designed?

And finally: Dollar Store. There’s a reason most of this shit ends up in these stores and it isn’t because it was originally made to be sold for a dollar.


This thing is so surreal that I’m surprised it really exists. If someone were to just describe it verbally, I’d assume they were talking about something from the SCP Foundation. Putting aside the inherent meanness of a toy that seems to exist only to scare tiny children, it’s actually pretty refreshing to see something so imaginative and weird brought into reality, in defiance of all reason.


For clarity, it should be renamed: “EVILSTICKTHATISACTUALLYEVIL.”


Jesus, I had expected, from the headline, to see a story about some whack-job freaking out because some decal was in the shape of the devil or Obama if you squinted and turned it just right, but-- wow. That’s pretty freaky. Imagine a kid, by herself, casually peeling the silver part away and seeing that. Stuff of nightmares. ( Definitely want one, though!)


I was ready to think she was actually right until the part where they showed the product.

It’s called an Evilstick! Does she not look at things she’s buying for her kids?

I do think maybe this shouldn’t be smack in the middle of more innocent toys though.