Bryan Cranston responds to petition against Breaking Bad toys




Responded perfectly? Setting aside the whole punching down thing, these are bad characters who did bad, bad things and succeeded in doing so – presented in a sympathetic manner In a realistic universe. This is the opposite of what is good for kids. Again, great show, bad for kids. I would say it’s a no brainer about whether or not Toys R Us or anyone else ought to stock them anywhere near kids’ toys,

And please don’t give me any concern trolling about the other crap at Toys R Us that’s bad for kids. Acknowledged. But we’re talking about this right now.


I dunno, stocking these toys is a pretty dumb move on Toys R Us’ part.


Are there kids asking for Breaking Bad action figures? I imagine these are more aimed at fans and sold at Toys R Us.


Where are they stocked? Is there an action figures section with expensive toys for grown-ups? Do you realize how hard it is not to say “adult toys” in this context? This would definitely be better off at a Hot Topic, Spencer’s, or general comic book shop than Toys R Us. Even if they can separate the collectibles from the rest of the toys, I can foresee these being given to the wrong age, by the same people who believe that ALL cartoons and video games are for kids.


agree with the other commenters - Bryan’s response is disappointing, actually. i could understand some attitude if this Florida mom is trying to get the action figures banned outright, but it sounds as though she’s just trying to get them removed from the Toys R Us. i agree with this on principle, but i can also see it’s a slippery slope considering many of the other toys sold there and marketed to children.


I agree that the petition is entirely reasonable.

However Cranston’s uhh tweet sounds like a joke to me.

But, this twitter thing. Are any of you people who use it reconsidering yet? It has intruded on my life over the past few weeks… and really. I could do without.


I imagine there are. Mine asked me for dynamite last week. This, however, is not the point.


The protest seems reasonable. Walter White is a known choking hazard, as Krazy-8 could attest.


So - did you get them the dynamite?


Of course not. Not with the holidays coming up! You’ve got to save that sort of thing for special occasions.


I did not. It’s not a big apartment, and I worry that he’d kill us all and get a few neighbors as well.


3 year olds play GTA with their brothers. CHrist what A-holes and party poopers.


It seems that toys-r-us is realizing that they are leaving a lot of dough on the table in passing up the toy market for adults. There’s a lot of money in it. I don’t think it would be right to begrudge their wanting to expand their target audience. Maybe they’ll make a kids-r-us the way they made babies-r-us, and just keep fracturing.

This also kinda feels like it raises the same argument about kids with cuss words, if they know what it means it’s already too late. If a kid knows the reference because they’ve seen the show, then the parenting is already pretty loosey goosey, if they don’t know what it means, then the toy isn’t an “influence.”

I do think it’s relevant that Toys-r-us will stock violence-white-washing, war-mongering toys, and despite the inb4 above, I don’t see how this is irrelevant. At least Breaking Bad acknowledges the complexity of it’s 'tagonist, G.I. Joe makes it’s main character a damn saint.


Action figures? They should be selling chemistry sets.


With precursor.


Walter White branded Chemistry sets. With instructions on how to make meth.

Apparently they yanked the action figures from their online store - “breaking bad action figure” auto-completes in the search bar but comes back with nothing.


You mean delicious solid blue candy, in time for halloween.


What a way to shut down any discussion: you don’t like these figures; you’re aware that other stuff at Toys R Us promotes “bad” ideas, but STFU any “concern trolls” who might want to debate that.

Me, I’m opposed to Action Man, G.I.Joe, and any other psychopathic, homicidal, genocidal militaristic figures that are supposed to be good for kids. But not a popular idea in the Military Republic…


Jane Margolis too. I mean, I know he wasn’t doing the choking… but…