Walmart throw pillow features Hitler and swastika

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Nothing to see here folks, big bloated corporation unable to keep track of what they sell. Just leave your money by the door.


Smooth move Walmart. Since I already don’t shop there I am not sure what else I can do.


the offensive image wasn’t visible on the pillow’s photo…

I guess they just did nazi it.


Pardon, one more joke: I guess Walmart mistook selling a feather pillow for a fuhrer one.


mein kemphy pillow


I mean, it’s a totally third party sale from the sound of it – like a third party on Amazon, or anyone on ebay. ERMAGERD something slipped through that they would have no way of knowing about. If you think this is the epitome of sketchy shit going down on an industrial scale using third party listings on online shopping brokerages…

Anyone remember that story about someone ordering a bunch of plastic containers on Amazon I think it was, and they were filled with pot? Yeah.

I find it hard to have an AGHAST moment about Wal-Mart. I mean, there are like 100 other things they do on a regular basis that are so much worse!


It’s just the reich accent to tie together your lebensraum.


LOLOL!!! You win interwebs today.


The product itself is such a ghastly hack of graphic design, it’s embarrassing, but not simply because of the swastika. What does that bicycle have to do with Paris and 1973? Nothing. It is culturally vacuous, completely unaware of history. But the outrage over the swastika seems overblown. A historical postal cancellation is simply a historical postal cancellation, not a call for genocide. This pillowcase is just badly designed.

Was it made by a non-English speaker? How much did they earn making that silkscreen pillow? Pennies? Do we fault them for not having a good education? Did they take any history classes in school? If you can prove the swastika was added to the design with malice and spite, it’s a slightly different story. But I suspect it appears there because everyone was oblivious to it.

And if you are looking for more swastikas, try looking in newspapers from the 1930s-40s. And stamp collections from the 1930s-40s. And books from the 1930s-40s. Don’t forget that history possesses relics of the past. If one jumps out at you, just remember where it came from.


Was this the first and only one sold?


So why isn’t the pillow designer/manufacturer being dragged about this?


Because that would also be admitting that the third party stole the art work but walmart paid so little for it that they don’t have to ask questions.



Oooooh. Nice.

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third-party seller on our online marketplace and is in violation of our policy. We regularly scan our marketplace for these types of items, but, unfortunately…


I almost wonder if it wasn’t designed by algorithm. Someone or something scraped some public domain images that might have been tagged with “Paris” and stuck them all on a pillow. It could have been churned out in China by someone who was essentially acting out a dumb algorithm and had no cultural knowledge of what any of it meant and didn’t care, or was automated and done in whole or part by an actual bit of software (and then fabricated and sold without any oversight by anyone who knew or cared).
Certainly we’re seeing algorithmically generated designs popping up in stores and we’ll be seeing a lot more in the future; at some point, someone has to buy them.

Yeah, I wonder. If it was like those algorithmically generated t-shirts, someone could have auto-generated a bunch of variations and made this when the order was placed.


Terrible reference regardless jest… no happy stars for you

I appreciate the sentiment of the priest in that video, but his dialogue there seemed so separate from the video that I questioned for a second if it was a youtube glitch.

my uncle was at a family gathering wearing a shirt that said “you wouldn’t understand. It’s a Jones thing”… because his last name is jones… it was totally one of those things where they made a generic design and stuck a million names in it hoping someone would bite… and my uncle did. Answering for me the question “who actually buys those things?” ha.