Frasier looking at video games

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I count myself lucky that I never watched one episode of Frasier.


It has been a real exercise in letting go to realize how many culturally significant sci-fi worlds I will miss out on by not having multiple 60-100 hour bursts per year available to play my way through the constant barrage of video games. Crossing my fingers that Wikipedia plot descriptions capture them adequately…

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It was billed as the “Smartest Show on TV”, but as near as I could tell it was just dropping references to psychology books. The humor was dead average sitcom humor, and not bound up in any of the psychology stuff.

It certainly was superficially the smartest show on TV.

Pedant: While Frasier may be looking at City 17, that particular image is actually from Half-Life: Alyx.


I enjoyed Frasier when it first came out, and it still holds up really well. It’s a great poke at egos and the foibles of privilege as the brothers try to outdo or one-up each other (or others) and end up being kneecapped Every. Time. It’s clever in a sideways snarky way, and is more charming than most of the junk being broadcast at present.


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