Cyberfrunk 2077: what if Frasier was cyberpunk?

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If done juuust right, I think a live-action version of this could well be Kelsey Grammer’s magnum opus.


You mean they weren’t?


A stupid idea gets exponentially funnier the more seriously you take it.

This checks out.


I don’t understand the fascination with Kelsey or even the character Frasier. The show was awful. He is himself is a climate change denialist, who in his own words “admires Putin” because “he’s so comfortable in his own skin”, he supported Ben Carson and then DJT and he was been charged with sleeping with an underage baby sitter, but only let off the hook because she waiting a year to file.

I assume it’s mostly just a morbid curiosity?


My guess is that most people don’t know about his views. For example, until you pointed these things out, I had no idea. I don’t really follow the views of most of the actors I watch. As to whether the show was any good or not, well there’s no accounting for taste.


I enjoyed the show when it was on, and especially David Hyde Pierce playing his brother. But I think you’re confusing the character with the actor’s real-life views, most of which weren’t really public until the show was already done airing new episodes.


Best character in this, the recliner!

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Looks frantastic!

I clearly do not know enough about Frasier to understand why any of this is supposed to be funny

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Well that certainly beats my stupid Frasier 'shoop to shit and back

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Is that an oxymoron in so far as taste has everything to do with metrics and accountability?

Well I don’t know nothing about art but…

Well … shit :frowning:

I’m gonna be googling this … hoping it’s not true because I LOVE Frasier (what can I say, the humour just hits my spot) but if this is true it’s like Polanski: the art created is still top-tier, but the human behind it is just disgusting :frowning:

-edit (not really, just waited to post this after googling)-

Jesus H. Christ! He IS that disgusting!!! :frowning:

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So this is a common saying that I used to mean that whether someone likes something, like the show Frasier, is often very subjective. So when someone says 'I don’t know how anyone can liker Frasier", well, the “reason” is that any work of “art” is interpreted by each viewer in light of their whole life experience and, in many cases, it’s impracticable to analyze all of the factors. So, while it may by possible in theory to truly understand why someone likes or dislikes something, in practice it may be quite difficult.

I still think this stupid scene is the funniest thing Kelsey Grammar has ever done, and it actually becomes even easier to enjoy after one learns he is a terrible person.

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I’m sorry I don’t think I expressed myself very well and think that we are probably on the same page and I didn’t intend my comment to negate yours.

While studying film theory which encompasses much of late 20th century cultural theory including the “anti theory” of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari (worth a read if you’re into challenging writing!), I had a brilliant lecturer Bill Routt (very much worth a read!), who proposed that for the idea of “art” to exist then “everyone knows what art is but nobody knows what they like”.

His example was the Mona Lisa - if it hang in a gallery then it’s art but if it’s an image on a beach towel or a song by Nat King Cole then it “isn’t art”. Routt was deconstructing the pretensions of High Culture and championing the value of Low Culture. For example the narratives that play out in Days of Our Lives or Frasier are very similar to those in Opera or Shakespearean plays .

I guess, ironically, Kelsey Grammer’s stock in trade is playing a highbrow buffoon!

Thanks for the tip on Bill Routt. I’m an engineer and now lawyer by trade but have always appreciated incisive art criticism.

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