Why Breaking Bad grabbed you at the first episode

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Three words:
No Pants Cranston.

He’s just that good.


I was hooked from the moment I saw that beautifully framed slow motion shot of khakis floating through the air.


Why Breaking Bad grabbed you at the first episode? It didn’t. I don’t know how many episodes I watched - five or six - and was bored to tears the entire time. The allure of this show escapes me utterly.


Never saw it. Nobody I actually know ever watched it, or if they did they never talked about it anywhere. The strongest emotion I can conjure about the show is very mild irritation at how much certain web sites blathered about it.


My wife and I watched two (maybe three?) episodes and had no clue why the show had so much hype. I didn’t care about any of the characters. There was nothing to relate to. The bits of humor were too sparse to make the dark mood endurable.


i don’t understand how anyone could not watch that pilot and not be hooked. this show was so fantastic – definitely one of the best shows of all time. just watching this breakdown vid makes me want to watch the whole series again.


Agree. Watched maybe 3, not a fan. Yet I like Better Call Saul quite a bit.


You should! vive la différence!!


FX’s teaser trailer of Cranston standing in his underwear holding a gun while his verbal suicide note played is what convinced me to watch the pilot. It had a Cohen brothers vibe going that was very appealing.

Of course what we got was wasn’t anything like a Cohen brothers production but man did I not care. Such a good show.

I feel weird when people say they were not obsessed with this show. I wonder how is that possible.

But then I remember there are plenty of very popular shows that I bounced off of. Firefly for example. And Modern Family. And Big Bang Theory. And that English Abbey show. So as they say there’s no accounting for taste.


I loved the whole show. The cinematography was fantastic; always a surprise. I’m a sucker for good cinematography.

Thanks for this break down. It helped me with a blog post I’m working on.


@pesco I fell to sleep within 15 min of starting Ep1 three or four times. @Xeni insisted I watch this show and I could not.


I think Walt is more relatable for men, particularly those in the middle age or for those with a personal connection to powerlessness and mortality. I think it’s a harder show to watch just for the more family-focused material, in part because it’s not the focus and also because it really doesn’t get as much screen time. My wife dropped off watching the show in season 2, I think, whereas I was enthralled to the end. Not that we always have the same taste, but this was one of those shows that we really split on.


For me it was just like when I saw the first episode of the Sopranos - was instantly hooked.
FWIW, we steamed the entire thing after it was already done. We keep pretty busy and you can only watch so much TV, but we’re glad we took the time with this show. It’s brilliant.
The other day they were running a marathon and I had to stop and watch a couple.


You and me both. Such a great series and its spin-off Better Call Saul is excellent as well (although it has a completely different feel, for obvious reasons).

ETA season two of BCS is finally on Netflix! Hooray!


hmm, this is an interesting point. being that age and of the geeky persuasion myself, i can see how that would be. but omg, the places the show goes… i would NEVER want to be walter!


I know, right? I have the same feeling. It’s just so well constructed.

By the way, if you enjoyed this, watch the knick. It’s even better, imho.


yes! i’m actually planning on starting season 2 tonight. whoohoo, bring on the saul and mike comedy buddy show!

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I think I watched all of the first season. It was Ok, but the second and third season passed by and I never picked it back up. I tried again somewhere around the forth season and was bored by it. Never went back

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If anyone feels like it, I’d certainly welcome hearing about shows from the last 10 years that grabbed you in the first episode, especially if Breaking Bad didn’t. BB really got its hooks into me, as did the first episode of Stranger Things.