Fraudsters stole$45.6 billion in pandemic assistance fraud

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And folks like myself had to go through months of anxiety because the authorities went after all the small fry who were just trying to survive. I finally got the court decision in my favor, but it was all because of these criminal assholes that I had to deal with it in the first place.


I’ve said of UK politicians that they should receive a good wage and nothing else. Do the job and serve the people. It’s their job to agree the amount of relief, it’s the civil servants then to manage the distribution. It feels like they spend all the day lining their pockets with Government and lobby money whilst the country goes to shit.

Edit for clarity I believe MP’s to be on £85k I’m thinking that should be £4-500k

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$4.6 trillion went out in Covid relief. That’s a fraud rate of 1%. Almost exactly the same as the mortgage fraud rate.

Absolutely throw the book at them. But the gov got the money out there quickly and pretty efficiently. When getting it out there immediately was most important.




In the middle of a once in one hundred years crisis- immediacy is more important than the so many levels of bureaucracy that government has to quadruple check everything. Pick it up in enforcement afterwards or people die in the short term.


If only there was a paper trail that the authorities could trace to bring them to justice…



It’s like the student loan forgiveness arguments. So what if it helps some undeserving folks? It will help multiples more folks who really need the assist!


My response depends on who is helped/harmed. People getting help with student loan debt, or individuals manipulating they system to wring a few more bucks out of it are one thing. People using thousands of social security numbers at a time, knowingly making hundreds of false claims, people who use that money to buy islands or ship asylum seekers across the country-they need to be prosecuted.
For example, most Medicare fraud is perpetrated between doctors and insurance companies, not by patients.

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Expect more of this to shake out as other Inpsectors General for the various agencies (the biggest in the government being the IG for HHS, where this money largely came from) come out with their reports and investigations happen.

Administrations change and even agencies that you think should be doing good sometimes went for bad during 45s reign of terror, but the IGs are pretty much constantly the closest you’ll get to consistent good guys in any agency.

So yeah, keep this transparency coming and show me some punishment.

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