Free Music Links (legal ones!)

It’s Free Music Week at BB. Put 'em here!

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Best of Bootie is essential.

Some years are better than others, but many of these tracks are all time great mashups.

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The live music bootleg archive at Tons of Grateful Dead shows faithfully recorded by fans, but lots of other stuff too from many genres. contains a vast multitude of other forms of audio, but to me, the live music archives are one of the site’s great undiscovered treats.



Bad Panda Records is a must :

They’re putting out a new track from a different artist every monday since years now by musicians from every angle of the world with a great eclectic taste and helped some acts to break (think of RocketNumberNine now on Four Tet’ label, Pick a Piper from Caribou live-band, Anders Ilar and many others)

Then i would obviously suggest the free music archive and

It’s a shameless plus, but me and a friend run a netlabel called MiMi Records, that’s dedicated to connect the Japanese and Portuguese indie music scene, and to increase exposure by artists from both sides.

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Noisetrade has plenty of free or pay-whatcha-want true indie artists that are doing it all themselves. Like these wiley misfits that moved from NC to NYC. Their whole first rekkid is up for grabs.
(yes, it is my band)
Also most artists will give you free download codes for their bandcamp albums for a smile or a half eaten chicken ceasar wrap.

But these bands are always trying to post these links in places like boing boing when nobody was really looking for that. So there’s a downside. :wink:

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I’m fond of Cock Rock Disco’s free music (mildly NSFW), though it’s been pretty quiet for a while. CRD artists tend towards mashup, breakcore, and other kinds of noisy stuff, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Acroplane Records also has a good chunk of music available for free.

Mixgalaxy Records - small netlabel. Styles are from jazz and pop/rock to ambient and electronic…

Legally free music, here’s a topic that I love.
I like experimental music - drone, noise, avant-garde. Happily, there is plenty of it in the netlabel underground. One of my favorite sources for finding free music is The Easy Pace, a blog with many notifications of new, notable, free releases.

I also frequently check the #ccmusic hashtag on Twitter

I also recommend music on my own blog in a ‘Recommended Listening’ category:

I have many other recommendations, but as a new forum member, I can only post a couple of links here.

I also run a couple of netlabels, one called Vuzh Music and another called Derivative Netlabel. Do web searches for either of those and you’ll easily find them. has a ridiculous number of songs based on video game music but in different styles and different instruments.

Dark World Jazz is great.

If you want to stream it legally instead of downloading there’s torch music ( It’s hooked up to youtube so it comes with videos as well.

PacificUV are a band that I saw at the Savannah Stopover (a small festival of bands on their way to SXSW) a couple years ago. They were probably my favourite, and their latest album is available to stream at

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