Soundcloud annoints Universal "Lord High Executioner" for music




That’s it, I’m getting out of Soundcloud, its not even THAT great either, its just convenient.
Time to start looking at alternatives.


Time to start looking at alternatives.

I think this would be a good thread to name them. Please post some here if/when you find them.


If it’s fully original, will take all you can upload.
I’ve not put my mashups there, so still looking for a home for those.


with all of those white hoods i thought it was a tea party rally.


It depends very much on what sort of files you want to host, and what your purposes are. If you’re a DJ who wants to host mixes, I recommend Mixcloud or Mixcrate. If you’re podcasting, I recommend Libsyn or Podomatic. If you make mashups … well, I dunno.


Also, the omnipresent WordPress platform has got native support for playlists in it’s latest update earlier this year, which is pretty cool! Makes hosting your own music a straightforward option.


Bandcamp, maybe.


Defer! Defer! To the lord High Executioner!


Mixcloud was also broken by stupid major label intervention recently. You can’t use more than one song by the same artist in a mix, you can skip forward in a mix but not back, and … there’s others that are equally stupid but those were the ones that stuck out in my mind when I got an update from them a few weeks ago.


Am I the only registered user that did not get an email nor a soundcloud notification telling me about the privacy policy changes, as they say (in said privacy policy) they will send at each change?


I can’t figure out what the hell is going on in that drawing. The Ku Klux Klan is attending the execution of a white woman in medieval Spain, performed by a flamboyantly gay man? Doesn’t seem like the kind of show they’d go in for.


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