Maps - “A.M.A” (free MP3)


It’s likely because I am incompetent and unable to find a simple link, but I can’t see how to download the songs.

Nathan - click on the word “Download” in the SoundCloud player. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but it’s there. Thanks!

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Gah! Why doesn’t that Sound Cloud thing have a volume control on it? Or if it does, why is it so hard to find? Half the time I don’t bother listening because it’s always TOO LOUD.


Once again some stupid site on the interwebs defeats its own frigging purpose.

i TRIED to buy the friggin’ songs but the purchasing procedure was too failure prone that I gave the fuck up after two tries.

Once might be my problem but twice is once too much.

He might be great and wonderful but I stick to ripping off the friggin’ song because its too fuckin’ hard to buy. (Whoever came up with this purchasing pop-up piece of shite deserves to keep his neck clean.)

I see, thanks. No answer then, shouldn’t expect one now. Sometimes the service in this joint stinks. Why, if I’d paid anything to be here, I just might ask for like, a discount or something!

Well clearly there isn’t a volume control on the SoundCloud player, or at least none of us are smart enough to figure out where it is…

And soooo, how about BB management consider using some other player that does have one?

Am I the only one that doesn’t see music but instead sees an embedded video for the world domino record? From Youtube? One that is in HTML5 (even though I’m logged out of Google and have HTML5 turned off anyway). and which auto-plays?

Amy, he’s not that much of a loner. When I’ve seen him perform he’s been helped out by August Jakobsen. Oh, and Maps are excellent live.

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