How about an optional message notification sound? want one?

sitting here being nostalgic i suppose. if you want a .wav file i can offer you a selection of short sounds from requests.

If you’re asking if I would like BBS to make noise, no.

If you’re asking if I would like to download noises so I can use them in other things, I am less opposed but not terribly interested.

Sorry this post is Grinchy. Things that make noise are not happy times for me.


i was wondering if anyone else wanted the option. thanks.

Same here, sorry.



This is the kind of thing you would add with a userscript, even as a plugin it would be a bit too corner casey

I’d be happy enough if the link button to the forums just didn’t get slammed by the ads placed directly above them. (Dolphin su-u-u-u-u-u-X especially bad at this, but not the only!)

thanks :smile:

did not know that. bought a cheaper phone, so i use opera. i don’t know huawei !!! loved dolphin on my old evo. thanks for responding!

Problems may be device dependent - I use an Asus tablet. Seems related to the way the ads load and then expand into the space below where the forum link button livs. (Quit Opera because it locks up your bookmarks.)

The thing with sounds is just because they are so common as to become overwhelming and distracting. I would think the option would be nice for some, though.

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yeah, i should go total custom. too lazy.

guess that’s my problem with specific lack of customizability.

OK - but, you want to offer random trolls and sockpuppets mandatory direct access to your ears 24/7? I mean, cool if that’s your kink - but. Yeah, that.

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