Unintelligible 90s Rock Band Guy




Brings back those head-scratching memories. Just say no - to gargling marbles.


Whoaheyyr rahualhu whauwenzoul, yeah! Brilliant.




To be fair, the CD booklets did have all the lyrics.


It’s hardly succeeding as a song if you have to go to reference material to make sense of it.

(Says the guy who has a much too broad collection of unintelligible punk tapes in a box somewhere).


It’s hard to garble warble with all these marbles in my mouth. lol
Weird Al- Smells Like Nirvana


It is hopelandic with a drawl. Or something.
I often enjoy the intelligibility of foreign music, because, face it, the lyrics of songs are often lamer than the tunes. This is similar, only that the music doesn’t even hold up to the words.


Sounds just like Monster Magnet.


Do we have any proof that the 1990’s actually happened?


Can we have some sort of UN Resolution that nobody is allowed to embed Soundcloud songs until they add a volume control?


He should do Skinny Puppy next.






I think my spyware blocker fucks around with soundcloud–the pause button has the effect of rewinding to the beginning.


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