Free PDF: Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics (is a subject I know very little about)"


A book like that needs to be judged by its cover. Is a dead tree version available?

'Ere tis.
Edit: There’s also a link to it in the main post, expanded to it’s full might below. Just in case, like me, you missed it.

It’s by the same folks that did the excellent Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics, linked a couple of weeks back.


So… Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics First Edition?

I heard in addition to Basic Quantum Thermodynamics’ six flavours of quarks (up, down, strange,charm, botton, top) they added a few new classes: assassin, druid, monk, paladin, and thief.

Also, they included fan favourites like Pauli’s Exclusion Principle, Pauli’s Crushing Hand and Fermi’s Prismatic Sphere from the pages of Thermodynamics Magazine!


I’m reminded of Science Made Stupid.

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